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XCMG or Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (Xuzhou Machine Building Group JSC) is a joint stock company with a state share of more than 50%. It is the largest construction equipment manufacturer, developer and exporter in China. XCMG was founded in 1989 and includes 26 subsidiaries, including its own research institute, which employs more than 300 qualified engineers.

The XCMG Group of Companies is ranked 9th in the world in the production of construction equipment according to the "yellow table" of the Top 50 Industry Leaders published by the global specialized publication International Construction. Data as of April 2016. The main product range is truck cranes, earthmoving machines, compaction equipment, drilling rigs.

In the history of the enterprise, joint projects were implemented with Caterpillar (excavators), Liebherr (concrete mixers), Hirschmann.


XCMG has a network of overseas dealers and service agents overseas. The company owns a majority stake in Schwing, the second largest concrete pump manufacturer in Germany, as well as Fluitronics (Germany) and AMCA Hydraulics (Netherlands). The number of XCMG personnel is over 26,000 people.

More than two hundred million dollars have been invested in the construction of a production site in Brazil. 50 million has been invested in the construction of a new research center at Krefeld's Europark Fichtenhain in Germany. The company's products are manufactured at factories in Poland, Malaysia, Iran, Argentina and Uzbekistan. The company plans to launch the production of truck and crawler cranes in the United States.

One of the factories produces the DE 400 mining dump truck with a large lifting capacity, as well as the QAY1600 all-terrain crane, the largest in the world. These 4000-ton giants are capable of lifting loads with a total weight of up to 1680 tons.


XCMG exported 3147 million yuan (US 486 million) in 2015, accounting for approximately 20% of the company's total sales. XCMG equipment is exported to 170 countries, including the United States and the European Union. In the Brazilian market, XCMG truck cranes occupy about 50% (the total volume of cranes supplied to Brazil is more than 3000 units), in Azerbaijan up to 50%. On the Polish market, the share of XCMG loaders reaches 70%. XCMG machinery ranks first in terms of sales in Kazakhstan, in Australia it is one of the three leaders.

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