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Volvo FH - heavy large trucks (leading the model range of the Swedish machine builder), designed to perform the widest range of tasks (it all depends on the modification): cargo transportation on local, regional and main routes, operations in road and capital construction, agriculture, forestry and utilities etc

For the first time, a series of these trucks appeared at the end of 1993, replacing the models of the F-family (F10, F12 and F16) Since then they have been repeatedly modernized, which is why they are still successful on the world stage - every year they are chosen from above 15 thousand buyers.

Naming system (indexes) of Volvo trucks:


A unified designation for Volvo trucks was introduced relatively recently - this happened in the mid-1960s thanks to the introduction of a unification program. From that moment on, the models of the Swedish brand began to be divided into two large groups, the names of which directly indicated the layout - bonnet N (from the phrase "Normal control") and cabover F ("Forward control").


It all started in 1965, when the Swedes decided to implement the so-called "System 8" (initially denoting the number of basic options, and later - the number of basic standardized modules). Then the N86 bonded truck and its cabover "brother" F86 were born, which replaced the Titan and Viking TipTop models, respectively.


In 1973, a new series called F89 was presented, and at the same time with the "worldwide" version - G89 (from the word "General" - general), which has a forward-shifted front axle. Three years later, bonnet models of the next generation also appeared, which received the designations N7, N10 and N12 (the number is the engine displacement).


However, for some markets, Volvo produced trucks with a not quite familiar name - for example, in 1977, CH230 appeared especially for Switzerland, where “CH” indicated the country, and “230” - for a width of 2.3 meters.

In 1985, the production of a new family (presented on the market so far) - FL ("Forward Low" - a type of cabover low) began, and the number following the letters still indicated the displacement of the power unit. At the same time, the FE series for the USA appeared, where the "E" stood for "Export". New letter designations "originated" in the model range of the Swedish brand in 1981, and again for the American market: new items of the bonnet family were named WIS (White Integral Sleeper), and the cabover - WHC (White High Cabover). In addition, the general-purpose truck was then "called" WG (White General), and the car with a low-lying cab - WX (White Xpeditor).


In 1989, an updated family of the global bonneted model - NL (Normal Long - bonneted long) was born, and four years later the worldwide FH (Forward High) cabover debuted.

In 1995, the Swedish machine builder introduced its lightest truck, the FLC medium-duty truck, in which the letter "C" stood for "city" and indicated its urban focus.


In 1996, the history of two new products in the bonnet range began - NH (Normal High) and VN (Volvo Normal), and two years later the production of the FM (Forward Medium) series was launched.


The early 2000s saw the emergence of a number of new trucks for the United States: VHD (Volvo Heavy Duty) construction equipment and VNM (Volvo Normal Medium), VNL (Volvo Normal Long) and VT (Volvo Tracktor) haulers.

In 2006, the "intermediate" FE family was launched, and it became the only one in the range of the Swedish automaker that does not have a clear decoding of the abbreviation (although a model with a similar name was once sold in America).


In 2010, the heavy line of construction equipment FMX (Forward Medium eXtreme) was presented, and three years later, similar machines reached the United States, but under the designation VNX (Volvo Normal eXtreme).

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