Explanations of DAF errors by dashboard icons

Fault codes DAF LF45IV, LF55IV, CF65IV, CF75 IV, CF85 IV, XF95, XF105 with comments

AGS lubrication system

AS TRONIC gearbox module

ACH-EW with electronic unit D901 preheater Eberspächer HYDRONIC 10 (liquid)

ACH-EA auxiliary heater Eberspächer D3LC (hair dryer)

ACH-EA autonomous heater AIRTRONIC (hairdryer)


ABS-D / ABS / ASR-E brake system

ABS-E braking system

ALS-S alarm


CDS-3 central door locking, version 3

DTCO Digital tachograph

DMCI engine management

EBS braking system

ECAS-3 air suspension control

ECAS-4 air suspension control

EAS Exhaust Gas Treatment

EBS-2 Electronic Braking System

EMAS electro-hydraulic steering system

OPBOUWERMODULE (BBM) body compatibility module

ALS-S alarm



UPEC injection control

VIC data processing module

VIC-2 data processing module

VIC-2 Lite data processing module

VIC-3 data processing module.


Air pressure too low - the pressure in the pneumatic system is too low. This symbol comes on if the pressure in one of the brake circuits falls below 5 bar. Stop the vehicle and check the tightness of the pneumatic system.

Cabin lock open - the cabin lock is open. Stop and close it.

Configuration error - system configuration failure. Possible reasons for this warning are the failure of the VIC electronics (the intelligent center of the truck that collects information to ensure the functioning of the truck), a configuration error in which the chassis numbers in the electronics and the BBM do not match. To fix the problem, you need to contact a specialist.

Brake system truck warning - a significant breakdown of the EBS braking system. Check its condition immediately at the service center.

Coolant level too low - insufficient amount of coolant. Stop, add coolant to the required level, check the tightness of the cooling system.

Oil level low - the oil level is too low. Stop the car, check the oil level, fill it to the required level.

Motor Storung - an error in the engine management system, the immobilizer is locked. Stop, find out the reason yourself or contact a service technician.

The most common mistakes on the DAF XF 105 dashboard on a yellow background

Brake system truck warning is not a critical problem in the EBS braking system.

Exhaust syst. warning - faulty exhaust gas cleaning system. Engine power drops to 60%. Error manifestation: engine power reduction can only be activated and deactivated when the truck is stationary.

Engine warning - breakdowns in the engine system. In this case, the truck must be stopped very carefully. Fault diagnosis - at the service center.

Engine power limiting - engine power limiting.

Brake lining wear truck - exceeding the permissible degree of wear of the pads on one or more wheels.

Starter motor overheat - the starter motor is overheating.

Coolant level low - the coolant level is below the permissible level. Stop and top up coolant to the required level.

Coolant level sensor defect - breakdown of the sensor that determines the level of the coolant.

Alternator warning - the generator is inoperative, there is no charge. If the voltage regulator does not work correctly - undercharging or overcharging.

Transmission low air - too low air pressure in the system that controls the PP box. When such a warning appears in red, the AS-Tronic gearbox remains in the current gear, and after stopping it goes into neutral position, further movement of the vehicle becomes impossible.

Air suspension - defective air suspension.

The most common errors of various systems of the DAF

Transmission control system AC Tronic & AC Tronic Mid


3101-8. Incorrect output shaft speed signal. When driving, this malfunction manifests itself as the impossibility of shifting gears and the inaccessibility of auto mode. After stopping the truck, the gearbox automatically goes into neutral. The KP leadership system becomes unavailable.

3107-2. Incorrect supply voltage or its absence in the motion sensor in the clutch. In the presence of this malfunction, it is inconvenient to turn on and off the clutch, the auto mode becomes unavailable.


Internal malfunction of the module E (D996). When driving, it is impossible to change gears, auto mode is not available. After turning off the ignition, the gearbox goes into neutral position. When the ignition is activated, the gearbox control system is inoperative.


Error 3117 displayed on the DAF 105 truck panel is that the clutch adjustment mode does not function during the diagnostic period. The gearbox control system becomes unavailable.


The clutch does not engage when solenoid valves Y14 and Y15 are activated. The causes of error 3119 can be: internal malfunctions of the D 954 modulator, clutch B385, the electrical circuit between the modulator and the clutch, incorrect clutch pedal stroke signal. With such a breakdown, the gears do not change, and the auto mode is not available.


The divider range does not turn off in the last set position. With error 3148 in a moving vehicle, the required gear may not turn on, but the next gear is turned on instead. Auto mode is inactive.

EBS brake system error codes

11-18. Too low voltage at terminal A8 of the EBS unit. Leads to the inactive state of ABS on the wheels of the front axle, ASR, EBS pressure control on the wheels of the front axle and trailers.

12-18. Too low voltage on contact A9 of the EBS unit.

66-16. Incorrect current of the solenoid coil of the trailer control valve. Pressure control in case of error code 66-16 on trailer wheels does not work.

66-65. Incorrect value of the outlet pressure of the trailer vehicle control valve B In this case, the EBS pressure control on the wheels of the trailer vehicle does not work.

Engine Fault Codes

56-1, 56-2, 56-3, 56-5, 56-6. Unknown engine errors detected by the ECU.

56-7, 56-8, 56-9, 56-10, 56-12, 56-13, 56-15. Unclassified errors found by the ECM in the engine.

Electronic control unit (ECU) fault codes

54-1. Too high voltage in the atmospheric pressure sensor of the ECU.

54-2. Very low voltage in the atmospheric pressure sensor of the ECU.

54-4. Internal ECU malfunctions.

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