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Trucks of this series are available in two-, three- and four-axle versions with 381-530 hp engines. are designed for the most intensive transport work and long-distance transportations with an annual mileage of up to 150-200 thousand km.


These most powerful trucks in the DAF family have not undergone significant changes in recent years. However, at the end of 1999, two new items appeared here. The first was the new 12.6-liter XE390C engine of our own production, which replaced the 14-liter Cummins diesel engine of the same power. The new unit is lightweight (only 1050 kg), stands out for its high liter capacity, complies with Euro 3 standards and develops 530 hp. at 1900 rpm.


All models featuring the particularly comfortable Super Space Cab are fitted as standard with the new Servoshift transmission system. This device, using a pneumatic cylinder built into the drive, reduces the force applied by the driver to change gear by 50%. On other models in the 95XF series, Servoshift is available on request. The total mass of road trains towed by tractors of this series reaches 60 tons.


Total information

Curb weight, kg 7760

Fifth wheel load, kg 12000

Full mass of the road train, kg 44000

Maximum speed (with a limiter), km / h 85

Diesel engine with turbocharging and intercooler

Power, kW / h.p. 315 at 1900 rpm

Maximum torque, Nm 1950 at 1000-1500 rpm

Working volume, l 12.6

Transmission clutch - single plate with diaphragms. spring, hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster

Transmission mechanical 16-speed with divider and range

The main gear is single, hypoid, with a differential lock

Gear ratio 3.31


Suspension front dependent, leaf spring, with stabilizer bar

Rear dependent suspension, on four air bellows, with stabilizer

Drum brakes with a separate pneumatic drive and ABS, with power accumulators of the rear mechanisms

Power steering

Tire size 295 / 80R22.5

What is the difference between the 95XF and the XF95?

They can be freely distinguished, even simply by their appearance. The first version has the full designation 95XF on the right side of the cockpit, while the second has only the letter index XF left, and it is already on the left. The radiator grill of the first version was completely straight, while in the newer one it is slightly beveled towards the bottom. The side deflectors of the older car had an elongated shape, while in the successor they became shortened, but due to the optimal aerodynamic shape, they were more effective - not only the door handles, but also the side windows were not contaminated. Changes have taken place in the headlights: they have become narrower. An additional opening was made in the plastic lining of the headlight to improve the airflow of the lower stage.

Engine DAF XF 95 430

The truck is equipped with a diesel engine manufactured by the American company Paccar (which has been the owner of DAF since the late 90s) - Paccar-95.43O. This power unit is equipped with the UPEC injection system, which has injectors with electronically controlled pumps, which increases the environmental friendliness and efficiency of the power plant. The diesel engine of the DAF XF 95 43O meets the Euro-Z environmental standards.

It is a four-stroke, six-cylinder, in-line, liquid-cooled, turbocharged, 12-valve diesel engine. Its working volume is 116OO cubic centimeters (11.6 liters). Compression ratio: 14.5: 1. Cylinder diameter: 13O mm. Piston stroke: 146 mm. Rotation frequency - 2300 rpm. Maximum torque - 19OO N.m The first versions of the XF 95 series were equipped with liquid preheaters, and later variations were equipped with autonomous heaters with a fuel tank heating function. Truck oil change period is 9OOOO km.

Transmission DAF XF 95 430

As already mentioned, the basic version of the DAF XF 95 43O is equipped with a 16-speed ZF Servoshift manual gearbox. And as an option, these trucks were equipped with 16 and 12-speed automatic transmissions ZF AS Tronic (gear ratio - 3.31). Versions with automatic transmission are, of course, much more expensive, but they have their own undoubted advantages. On long journeys, the driver's concentration begins to decrease, and the time it takes to select the correct gear increases. And this leads to increased or greatly reduced revs, to wrong gear selections.

The DAF XF 95 43O is equipped with a diaphragm spring single plate clutch, which is hydraulically actuated with an air booster. The main gear is hypoid, single, with a differential lock function. The DAF XF 95 clutch does not relate well to a partially depressed pedal, to overload and does not like frequent inclusions during slipping. The service life of this element can be significantly reduced with frequent such exploitation.

Suspension, chassis, brakes

The front suspension on the DAF XF 95 43O truck is of spring type, with an anti-roll bar. At the rear, pneumatics are installed, with a stabilizer bar, which is also supplemented by the ECAS system. It controls the suspension elements. When drum brakes in a tractor were replaced by more modern ventilated disc counterparts, this significantly increased the efficiency of the braking system. Old modifications of DAF 95 were equipped with drum brakes with hydraulic accumulators of the rear mechanisms, ABS system and a separate pneumatic drive. The latest models have also received an EBS system with increased efficiency. The brakes apply to the wheels of the front and rear axles. The resource of their work is approximately 45OOO km. The chassis of all DAF XF95s is simple and reliable. With proper care and timely maintenance on a new car, the first 6OO-65O thousand km with it are absolutely no hassle. On used cars, you cannot name specific terms of service: after all, it is not known how correct the speedometer readings are, how and how the car was operated. DAF XF95 vehicles were equipped with 295 / 8O R22.5 tires.

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