Still forklift Service Repair Manuals/ DTC EWD

Service and Repair Manual for Still forklifts, color wiring diagram, engine diagnostics, Error code diagnostics, fuse locations. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free. Select the manual you need and click "download"

Still EGV 14 EGV 16 Service Manual Download

Still Electric Fork Truck R20-15 R20-16 R20-18 R20-20 Factory Service Repair Workshop Manual Instant Download

Still ECV 10 C ECV 10i C ECV 10 Operating instructions from manufacturer Download

Still R70-25 2005 Fuse box
Still R70-25 2005 Fuse box

STILL hybrid forklifts models RX 70 30-35, RX 70 40-50, RX 70 60-80

STILL hybrid forklifts models RX 70 30-35, RX 70 40-50, RX 70 60-80

When the word ''hybrid'' comes to mind, vehicles that operate both from a rechargeable traction battery and from a classic gasoline engine immediately come to mind. STILL forklifts of this type are equipped with a diesel drive that rotates an electric generator that produces current that sets the equipment in motion:


Forklifts RX 70 30-35. This medium loader moves and stacks loads of 3-3.5 tons. The maximum lifting height is 7.39 m, and the maximum travel speed on the job site is 21 km/h. The combination of a small diesel engine with an electric drive makes this STILL forklift truck economical and more environmentally friendly. Also in its design, the technology of energy recovery from brake pads is implemented. Thus, the loader's battery is recharged directly during the handling of goods. The closed cabin protects the driver from cold and noise, the narrow design of the RX 70 30-35 lift truck allows it to be used in high-performance warehouses with dense shelving.


Forklift trucks RX 70 40-50. This is a universal model designed for active use in open warehouses, in places where hazardous materials are stored, in difficult climatic conditions. The load capacity is above average - 4-5 m, the stacking height varies in the range of 6.88-7.18 m, the developed speed reaches 21 km / h. The propulsion system is again a universal hybrid. The drive works both from diesel fuel, and from gas. The drive starts the electric motor, which feeds the entire loader.

This entire STILL forklift installation is enclosed in a single fully sealed enclosure. Thanks to this, the forklift engine is insensitive to cold, moisture, acids and other negative influences. The explosion-proof enclosed cab reliably protects the loader driver as well. Also, this model has a low center of gravity. Thanks to this, it remains stable during sharp turns, braking, driving on inclines, during loading or unloading.


Forklifts RX 60-80. This is a heavy loader with a load capacity of 6-8 tons, which it can stack at 7.7-8.7 m. The speed of movement in the warehouse reaches 20 km/h. The electric drive of this STILL forklift has reliable protection against moisture and dust, which allows you to work in the most adverse conditions, such as granaries or cold stores. The driver's workplace is located significantly higher than in other models of Still diesel and hybrid loaders.

Thanks to this, the driver has better control over the space around his equipment, and the view is all 360 °.

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