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PACCAR introduced the 430 hp PACCAR MX-11 engine.  and 1,550 lb-ft of torque.

PACCAR MX-11 powertrain complements the PACCAR MX-13 engine. It is planned to be installed on KenworthPeterbilt trucks from January 20 16. In 20 13, PACCAR successfully launched the production of the PACCAR MX-11 in Europe. More than 10,000 PACCAR MX-11 engines have been installed on DAF trucks over the past two years. “The PACCAR MX-11 engine delivers optimum performance and fuel efficiency, industry-leading durability and reliability, and low noise levels in the driver's workplace,” said Landon Sproull, assistant vice president, PACCAR. "PACCAR's more than 50 years of experience in engine design and manufacture has made it one of the world's leading diesel engine manufacturers."

The 10.8-liter PACCAR MX-11 combines state-of-the-art innovation and proven technology to reduce weight and deliver performance that matches the needs of a wide range of road and special vehicles. The twin overhead camshafts of the PACCAR MX-11 engine, combined with a compact graphite iron block and cylinder head, deliver the industry-leading B10 life of one million miles. PACCAR MX-11 engine uses a high-pressure fuel system with an injection pressure of 2500 bar to optimize the combustion process and to ensure the lowest possible fuel consumption and noise level.

Engines Euro 6

The new Euro 6 Paccar MX turbodiesel has a displacement of 12.9 liters and is designed for installation on DAF heavy trucks. The motor will be offered in three power versions: 410, 460 and 510 hp. with. The engine design has been extensively redesigned. The cylinder block has become stiffer. The engine uses a new system of direct fuel injection Common Rail - with an increased injection pressure of 2500 bar and with the function of injection in several stages for better combustion. In addition, the new engine received a turbocharging with variable geometry, which also increased the efficiency of the MX Engine Brake: 75% of its maximum power of 325 kW is achieved already at low engine speeds (1500 rpm).


The engine also uses the SCR-AdBlue exhaust gas cleaning system, which is paired with an exhaust gas recirculation system, as well as an active particulate filter. As a result, Paccar MX Euro 6 has become significantly more environmentally friendly than its predecessor, Euro 5 - the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) in exhaust gases has been reduced by 77%, and particulate matter (soot) - by 66%. The new engine will go into serial production at the beginning of 2013. Interestingly, American trucks of the Kenworth and Peterbilt brands (these firms, like DAF Trucks, are part of the Paccar concern) have been equipped with Paccar MX engines of the EPA 2010 environmental standard since the summer of 2010. The latter, in terms of the concentration of harmful substances in exhaust gases, is close to the European Euro 6 standards.

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