Volvo Electrical Wiring & Circuit Diagrams

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Volvo FH12, FH16 LHD WiringDiagram Download

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Volvo FM9, FM12, FH12 VERSION2 2004 ElectricalSchematic. Download

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S60/S60R/S80 V70/V70R/XC70/XC90 Wiring Diagrams

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Volvo 140 

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Volvo 140 Service Manual & Wirirng Diagram Download

Volvo 140 Service Manual & Wirirng Diagram Download

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Volvo 140 Body Service Manual Download

Volvo 240 - 260 fuse diagram

No. Purpose "A"

1 Cigarette lighter, power mirrors, radio, rear window wiper, cruise control, aerial 8

2 Windscreen wiper and washer, horn 16

3 Heater motor 25

4 Fuel pump 8

5 Heated rear window 16

6 Fuel pump 16

7 Brake lights, cruise control 8

8 Interior lighting, glove box lighting, trunk lighting, engine compartment lighting, central locking, aerial 8

9 Hazard warning lights, gear selector indicators 8

10 Power windows 16

11 Automatic transmission, heated seats 16

12 Reversing lamps, power window relay, air conditioning, rear defogger relay 8

13 Instrument cluster, seat belt indicator, direction indicators, main relay 8

14 Rear fog light 8

15 Side light on the left side, license plate light 8

16 Side light on the right side, instrument panel illumination, headlight indicator 8

Fuse LH-jetronic

LH-jetronic Located in the engine compartment above the left wheel

1 Central locking

2 Central locking

3 Overdrive

4 Power windows

5 Air conditioner

6 Direction indicators

7 Interior lighting delay

8 Rear wiper

9 Front wiper

10 Heated rear window

11 Lamp failure warning

12 Fuel pump

13 Rear fog light (1986 →)

14 Lights (1985 →)

15 Warning about the need to fasten seat belts

Description of the relay under the hood volvo 440/460.

1 Headlight relay

2 Relay 1 auxiliary ignition circuits

3 Relay for main ignition circuits

4 Coolant pump relay

5 Rear fog lamp relay

6 Headlight washer pump relay

7 Relay for prohibiting the inclusion of fog lights eight

Interior lamp off delay relay

9 Relay for intermittent operation of the windshield wiper

10 Relay 2 auxiliary ignition circuits

11 Relay for checking the health of lamps (^ 8/92)

Volvo is a Swedish company that has been producing engines, various agricultural, forestry and household appliances for almost 100 years, but is best known as a manufacturer of cars and trucks. Volvo is headquartered in Gothenburg. A Volvo feature is the increased attention to the reliability and comfort of Volvo models. The safety belt was invented by Volvo specialists and Volvo was the first to install it in production cars. Volvo successfully participates in rallies, in 1965 Volvo won the World Rally Championship.

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