Daewoo Forklift Service Repair Manuals. ewd & dtc

Daewoo Forklift Service Repair Manuals. EWD & DTC Parts Catalog  Operation & Maintenance  Disassembly & Assembly Engine Service Manual Free Download PDF

Daewoo D70S Specifications Technical Information Download

Daewoo Alternator Parts Catalog Download

Daewoo Lift Trucks D20S-3, D25S-3, D30S-3, D33S-3 G20E-3, G25E-3, G30E-3

GC20E-3, GC25E-3, GC30E-3 G20P-3, G25P-3, G30P-3, G33P-3 GC20P-3, GC25P-3, GC30P-3

D32S-3 (6,500lb@24"L.C.) G32E-3 (6,500lb@24"L.C.) G32P-3 (6,500lb@24"L.C.)

GC32E-3 (6,500lb@24"L.C.) GC32P-3 (6,500lb@24"L.C.) Operation & Maintenance Manual Download

Daewoo Lift Trucks D35S-2, D40S-2, D45S-2, D50C-2 G35S-2, G40S-2, G45S-2, G50C-2

D40SC-2, D45SC-2, D50SC-2 G40SC-2, G45SC-2, G50SC-2 D35S-2, D40S-2, D45S-2, D50C-2

D40SC-2, D45SC-2, D50SC-2 G35S-2, G40S-2, G45S-2, G50C-2 (TIER II & STAGE II CERTIFIED TRUCK)

Operation & Maintenance Manual Download

Daewoo Lift Trucks BC20S-5, BC25S-5, BC25SE-5 BC30S-5, BC32S-5 B20S-5, B25S-5,

B30S-5, B32S-5 Operation & Maintenance Manual Download

Lift Trucks G420E/G424E Tier LP Engine G15S-2, G18S-2, G20SC-2 GC15S-2,

GC18S-2, GC20SC-2 With G420E Tier LP Engine G20E-3, G25E-3, G30E-3, G32E-3

GC20E-3, GC25E-3, GC30E-3, GC32E-3 with G424E Tier LP Engine Service Manual Download

Daewoo Lift Trucks D35S-2, D40S-2, D45S-2, D40SC-2, D45SC-2, D50SC-2 G35S-2,

G40S-2, G45S-2, G40SC-2, G45SC-2, G50SC-2 (SB2203E00) DB58 Diesel Engine, 

Vehicle Systems Operation & Maintenance Menual Service Manual Download

Daewoo New Hydraulic Systems D20/25-2 D20/25/30S-2 G20/25/30S-2 G20/25/30S-2

Specifications  Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting Disassembly & Assembly Download

Disassembly & Assembly Gasoline Engine GM Vortec V6 ( 4.3 Liter) (230page) Download

DAEWOO HC45 Series Alternators Service Manual (111page) Download

DAEWOO  Poong Sung R4.5 Reduction Starting Motor Service Manual (124page) Download

Lift Trucks Electric System D35S-2, D40SC-2, G35S-2, G40SC-2, D40S-2, D45SC-2, G40S-2, G45SC-2,

D45S-2 D50SC-2 G45S-2 G50SC-2 Schematic wiring diagrams. Fuses, Bulbe and Circuit breaker

 (432page) Download

Lift Trucks Power Train B20S-2, B25S-2, B30S-2 BC20S-2, BC25S-2, BC30S-2 Specifications

Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting Disassembly & Assembly Download

Daewoo New Hydraulic SystemsD20/25-2D20/25/30S-2G20/25/30S-2G20/25/30S-2 Specifications

Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting Disassembly & Assembly Download

Daewoo Forklifts

Since 2005, forklifts of this brand have been produced under the Doosan brand, but this is only a rebranding, since the production of this equipment is carried out at the same factory facilities.

Technique advantages

The advantages of the considered special equipment include:

  • high ergonomics of machines, comfort for the operator;
  • the presence of economical but powerful gas / diesel engines with an adjustable emission level;
  • reasonable prices with decent product quality;
  • efficiency and smoothness of braking;
  • ease of maintenance, unpretentiousness of machines;
  • thoughtful chassis design, combination with a well-damped mast;
  • a high degree of technical safety;
  • ensuring excellent stability of the forklift trucks.


DAEWOO loaders have been successfully sold since 1996. According to the experts of the exclusive distributor of DAEWOO, models of the D / G15-18S series equipped with an internal combustion engine with a carrying capacity of 1500-1750 kg are in special demand. Forklift trucks of this series are designed for intensive loading and unloading operations in wagons, containers, trucks, in open and closed warehouses, in production workshops. I would like to emphasize the advantages of using loaders in the food industry with a gas (natural gas) engine that meets all environmental and sanitary standards. in their warehouses and production workshops more than 25 G15S cars equipped with two-liter NISSAN engines (Japan).


The D15S model differs in that it is equipped with a 2.4 liter DAEWOO DC24 diesel engine. This engine is equipped with glow plugs to facilitate cold starts.


D / G15-18S series machines are equipped with self-adjusting power brakes that reduce the effort on the brake pedal. The gearbox is specially designed for the shuttle operation of the loader and allows for smooth speed changes in forward and reverse directions.


The D / G25S series forklift trucks have lifting capacities from 2,000 to 3,000 kg. These are time-tested, durable and reliable machines. They are a product of World Technology. The machines are equipped with HERCULES engines specially developed by American engineers for forklift trucks. With a displacement of 2.7 liters, this engine has a maximum power of 48.5 hp. and high torque at low revs. Its price makes up most of that of a forklift truck, but it's worth it! The recommended interval between oil changes in the engine is 500 (!) Motorcycle hours, while for cars with other motors this procedure is performed every 250 motorcycle hours. Now consumers have more than 30 thousand forklift trucks equipped with a HERCULES engine.


Wet disc brakes are a major achievement for DAEWOO. None of the available industrial analogs can compete with this braking system. The 10,000 hour warranty is not a promotional product. According to DAEWOO specialists, the overhaul of the brakes will be required only after the machine has worked from 15,000 to 20,000 hours. For comparison, let's say that conventional brake pads most often require replacement after 1000 - 1500 hours of operation.

The D / G15-18 and D / G25 series forklift trucks have a noise level of 85 dB (A) or less, which is the average noise level according to BITA or American National Standards Institute.


DAEWOO electric loaders of the B15T (three-support) and B25S series are distinguished by a technically perfect microprocessor controller (logic block). They are equipped with the latest devices to control and monitor the operation of the forklift. The built-in self-diagnosis system, displaying a fault code, provides a quick check without the use of external test equipment. In the event of a malfunction, the same system blocks the operation of the loader.



Three-bearing electric forklifts DAEWOO B15T series have two reversible traction motors. This allows them to turn around their own axis and work in particularly cramped conditions - in narrow aisles with a small inter-rack distance.

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