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Kalmar DCE100-12

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Kalmar DCE120-12

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Kalmar DCE140-6

Kalmar DCE150-12

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Kalmar DCE160-12

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Kalmar DCE160-9

Kalmar DCE180-6

Kalmar DCE280 RoRo

Kalmar DCE330 RoRo

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Kalmar DCF280-12

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Kalmar DCF300-12

Kalmar DCF300-12LB

Kalmar DCF330-12

Kalmar DCF330-12LB

Kalmar DCF370-12

Kalmar DCF370-12CS

Kalmar DCF420-12

Kalmar DCF420-12CS

Kalmar DCF450-12

Kalmar DCF450-12CS

Kalmar DCF500-12

Kalmar DCF520-12

Kalmar DCG280-12

Kalmar DCG300-12

Kalmar DCG330-12

Kalmar forklifts The company has been manufacturing a variety of machines, such as Reachstackers, stackers, forklifts for over 100 years. Its products have long been recognized as an extremely reliable, productive technique. The company uses power units, transmissions, other units of production of well-known and long-established companies, such as Volvo, Perkins, Cummins, ZF and others.

When designing the operator's cab, Kalmar is guided by three principles: good visibility, ergonomics and comfort. This allows the equipment of this brand to remain among the leaders in the convenience of working on it and deservedly enjoy popularity among buyers.

 In its models Kalmar uses 3 types of cabins: Spirit Delta. One of the best cabins, ergonomic, with a large area of glazing. The front, rear and top windows are equipped with wipers. The cabin has enough space to install the necessary additional equipment. Spirit Delta Space. Further development of the previous cab, which provides the ability to rotate the operator's seat in the right direction, and the steering wheel, the controls of the working tool, mounted on a special platform, rotate with the chair. Flex Cab / Flex Guard. An alternative approach to cab design. Flex Cab allows you to easily remove all or part of the panels, turning the cabin into an open one. Flex Guard, on the contrary, is initially open, and has only a framework on which doors, windows, etc. are hung that will allow to turn it into completely closed.


The company installs an electronic system of its own development on its equipment, which controls the operation of all components and systems of the machine. The display mounted on the dashboard shows the necessary information. The interface is simple, so that the displayed data is clear to everyone, the use of textual information is minimized and digital data and icons are used to the maximum.


Reachstackers The Kalmar brand produces a large number of loaders (Reachstackers) designed for handling containers in ports and at railway stations, for work at industrial enterprises. Models allow to operate the containers located in several rows, and also to carry out their loading or unloading from the railway platforms located on 2 parallel ways.


Features Buyers are offered 2 series of Reachstackers: 10-ton DRF 100. This series includes 2 models, the main difference of which is in the boom length: the S6 model has a two-section boom, the length of which is enough to install 6 standard containers in a stack, the S8 model uses a three-section an arrow capable of installing 8 containers. This series is primarily designed to work with empty containers. 42-45-ton. A large number of models are offered in two versions: "L" - a simplified model focused on everyday use, and "S" - with a higher load capacity, high speed of lifting / lowering the load and a large number of available options.

 The driver's working conditions are comfortable, the air-conditioned cab is vibration-insulated from the car body, protected from excessive noise, and the windshield wipers have front, rear and upper windows. The installed display gives all the necessary information about the operation of the loader. Control of working mechanisms is carried out by the joystick.

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