The oldest material handling equipment manufacturer is one of the three largest in China. He came to Russia in 2005, but was little known because he could not withstand the powerful expansion of its main competitor - Komatsu. Nevertheless, Dalian was able to win the recognition of the Chinese consumer, and its entry into the Russian top 10 is an expected pattern.


The range of Dalian Forklift Co, Ltd includes 30 series and 130 models of warehouse equipment. This includes forklifts with a lifting capacity from 1 to 45 tons, as well as tractors, reach trucks, small loading machines. The company annually produces more than 8000 units of equipment, which it supplies to the Russian Federation, Europe, the USA, and Asian countries.


Dalian Technology Quality Indicators:


certification according to ISO 9001: 2000;

the firm is in the top 500 of the best industrial enterprises in China;

Famous Brand and Best Consumer Product awards.

Dalian Service Manuals


Since 2006, Linde has been part of the KION trading group, which holds the second place in the world in the production of lifting and transport equipment. Linde has subsidiaries in hundreds of countries; the international network includes more than 700 points of sale and service, as well as production and assembly plants in Germany, USA, Czech Republic, France, China.


The lineup is represented by 80 series, each of which includes up to two dozen items. Also, the consumer is offered almost 9000 items of additional equipment, spare parts, accessories, consumables.


Many Linde models are available in explosion-proof versions. Such equipment is intended for industries where they work with hazardous gas mixtures - chemistry, pharmaceuticals, logistics, waste processing. Explosion-proof forklifts comply with the European standard EN 1755 and the ATEX directive (2014/34 / EU). Demonstrate high productivity, ergonomics, reliability when working in hazardous conditions.


Chinese forklifts "TFN" are assembled at the Chinese plant Hangzhou Forklift Truck from Japanese and American components. Most of the nodes are similar to the Hangcha technique in order to simplify maintenance.


The brand has been known under its current name since 1993. It attracts consumers with a low price of equipment, spare parts and components, as well as a five-year warranty for accessories. In Russian TFN dealerships, you can repair units of any complexity, purchase equipment on lease, make a wholesale purchase of equipment.


The range includes three groups of forklift trucks:


R series;

J series;

series Y.

TFN R models run on diesel fuel. Ideal for open areas, unpretentious in terms of fuel quality. Equipped with Isuzu engines (less often - Cummins or Yanmar), TCM gearboxes. Carrying capacity - from 1.5 to 16 tons.


J Series - electric forklift trucks for indoor use. They are safe for humans and the environment, since they do not produce harmful emissions. In addition to the units listed above, they are equipped with a Curtis controller (USA). They lift and transport goods weighing from 1.5 to 3 tons.


Gasoline vehicles (Y series) are equipped with a Nissan engine. In terms of the amount of harmful emissions, it occupies an intermediate position between the J and R series. The carrying capacity varies from 1.5 to 5 tons.


The Chinese concern, which emerged after the merger of 18 small enterprises in 1956, presented the world with the first forklift after almost 20 years of operation. The official status of the manufacturer of forklift trucks "Khancha" received in 1978. The demand for the products arose immediately, and 10 years later the company produced the millionth unit.


Today Hangcha produces fewer than 80,000 warehouse equipment annually, most of which are forklift trucks. They are presented in four series - R, J, XF, A.


Hangcha R models are equipped with a gasoline / diesel engine, also running on gas fuel. Carrying capacity - up to 18 tons. Series J - technology with an electric motor. It differs from analogs on liquid fuel in a minimum of vibrations, high performance, and reduced cost. Lifts loads weighing less than 5 tons.


The Hangcha XF Forklift includes advanced technical solutions. Supplied with a gas, petrol or diesel engine, however, it is inferior to the R series in terms of carrying capacity (no more than 5 tons).


Serie A rolled off the assembly line in 2014. Its carrying capacity is up to 3.8 tons, and its distinctive feature is its modern design.

Hangcha Service Manuals


The pioneer of the Japanese market again entered the top 10 popular brands. The company celebrated its 70th anniversary last year.


Forklift trucks under the TCM brand lift loads up to 10 tons to a height of 8 meters. The engine runs on three types of fuel:


Gas (liquefied or natural).

Diesel (the most powerful, cheapest and most easily maintained equipment used in open areas).

Electricity (models can be operated up to 8 hours without recharging indoors).

The carrying capacity of gas and electric units is lower than that of diesel ones. The maximum value is 5 and 3.5 tons, respectively.


JAC Manual

The phenomenon of Chinese mechanical engineering, which appeared only in 1999, but is already known all over the world. For 21 years of activity the concern:


entered the top five largest car manufacturers in China;

opened a facility in India where JAC trucks are manufactured;

jointly with Volkswagen opened a plant for the production of electric vehicles.

Almost five hundred forklifts sold by the company in 2020 are equipped with three types of engines. The timeless classic in the face of diesel engines is designed to lift 25 tons of cargo. More environmentally friendly gas-petrol and electric motors lift 10 and 5 tons, respectively. JAC generally wins over with a wide range of machines for any production request. The catalog contains loaders with solid and pneumatic tires, with three or four supports. Most of the models are compatible with attachments that simplify a number of tasks - buckets, grabs, dumps, cranes, etc.


The company is unique in that it has the highest level of confidence in the National Bank of China (AAA category). Founded in 1958, the company today has dealerships in 150 countries around the world.


The carrying capacity of Heli forklift trucks reaches 16 tons. The manufacturer's focus is on technology that is safe for humans and the environment, therefore the range is represented mainly by electric models (H2000 series). They are distinguished by:


  • operator comfort (excellent visibility, protective fencing, protection of the cab and electronics from dust);
  • power steering + column adjustable in height;
  • low noise level;
  • ease of access to the battery and engine.


Ergonomics and reliability are also found in Heli diesel forklifts. Their hydraulics are easy to maintain, the swing axle slows down tire abrasion, and the three-step fuel purification reduces environmental and human damage.


German market player supplying durable machines at a comparatively low price. Jungheinrich earned its position in the ranking as a pioneer in production. It was the Germans who developed, for example, the first loader without an operator (1976), with a rotating cab (2005).


Today Jungheinrich supplies 9 series of diesel / gas / electricity forklift trucks to Russia. Diesel units (up to 9 tons) have the highest carrying capacity. For models of other series, the figure does not exceed 5 tons.

Jungheinrich Service Manuals


The only representative of the rating, which kept the sales level at the last year's level. However, the position has become higher: the company that closed the last year's top-5 has surpassed its closest competitors - Heli and Jungheinrich in terms of sales. This is how Toyota made a present for itself in honor of its 50th anniversary in the market. The total sales volume for half a century has exceeded 14 thousand warehouse vehicles.


The lifting capacity of diesel and gasoline forklifts is 1-8 tons, electric ones - up to 3.5 tons. Warehouse equipment lifts loads to a height of 7 meters.

Toyota Forklift Service Manuals


The palm still belongs to the Japanese giant. True, the volume of sales fell by almost half - more than that of other representatives of the market.

In a year, the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Starting as a manufacturer of bulldozers and dump trucks, today Komatsu offers dozens of types of warehouse equipment. Carrying capacity of diesel and gasoline forklifts - up to 10 tons, electric - up to 1.5 tons. The characteristics are the same as those of most competitors, but other advantages are captivating:

high travel speed (up to 17 km / h);

efficiency of raising / lowering the mast;

compliance with environmental standards;

many systems for monitoring the condition of the loader;

cheapness of consumables and service activities.

Komatsu Forklift Service Manuals

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