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NissanAtlas, Condor 1984-1996 ServiceRepairManual Download

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NissanForklift Diesel 2-3,5 ton ServiceGuide Download

NissanForklift 1F1, 1F2 Series Operator’sManuals PDF Download

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NissanForklift Truck Service Manual Download

Advantages of Japanese forklifts from Nissan

Like every successful material handling equipment manufacturer, Nissan has its own signature tricks:

The first step is to mention their chassis, or rather the transmission and braking system. The first provides a very smooth, comfortable control of equipment during the working process. The second increases the level of safety of both management and the process of cargo handling.

Nissan forklift engines use a special cyclone filter. It constantly blows the running engine and does not allow dust to clog its components. As a result, the service life of the drive is significantly increased, the need for repairs is reduced, and the fuel and oil systems are much less contaminated.

A system of exchange rate stability, abbreviated VCM, is installed on Nissan forklift trucks. It consists of a set of sensors, a system control unit and a separate hydraulic system that influences the control of the loader. This technology simplifies the management of warehouse floor transport, making it safer for both the forklift operator and the surrounding warehouse personnel. The system includes an anti-lock brakes, is responsible for the distribution of braking forces on the pads and does not allow the vehicle to slip in the loaded position during the movement of the load.

Forklift Nissan DX-15

  • Forklift weight 2765 kg.
  • Loading capacity 1500 kg.
  • Loader axle load without load:
  • front 1250 kg;
  • rear 1515 kg.
  • Loader axle load:
  • front 3705 kg;
  • rear 560 kg.

Forklift Nissan DX-18

  • Forklift weight 2985 kg.
  • Loading capacity is 1750 kg.
  • Loader axle load without load:
  • front 1235 kg;
  • rear 1750 kg.
  • Loader axle load:
  • front 4105 kg;
  • rear 630 kg.

Forklift Nissan DX-20

  • Forklift weight 3485 kg.
  • Loading capacity 2000 kg.
  • Loader axle load without load:
  • front 1625 kg;
  • rear 1860 kg.
  • Loader axle load:
  • front 4780 kg;
  • rear 705 kg.

Forklift Nissan DX-25

  • Forklift weight 3845 kg.
  • Loading capacity 2500 kg.
  • Loader axle load without load:
  • front 1545 kg;
  • rear 2300 kg.
  • Loader axle load:
  • front 5490 kg;
  • rear 855 kg.

Forklift Nissan DX-30

  • Forklift weight 4365 kg.
  • Loading capacity 3000 kg.
  • Loader axle load without load:
  • front 1780 kg;
  • rear 2585 kg.
  • Loader axle load:
  • front 6460 kg;
  • rear 905 kg.

Forklift Nissan DX-32

  • Forklift weight 4535 kg.
  • Loading capacity is 3200 kg.
  • Loader axle load without load:
  • front 1760 kg;
  • rear 2775 kg.
  • Loader axle load:
  • front 6750 kg;
  • rear 985 kg.

These loaders were manufactured using modern technology, quality materials and innovative designs. They are used for transportation, loading and unloading of cargo in warehouse-type premises. These areas can be open areas, well-ventilated warehouses, or areas with low ventilation levels. Forklifts Nissan DX series models DX-15, DX-18, DX-20, DX-25, DX-30, DX-32 receive only positive feedback from consumers throughout the entire period of use. Their price corresponds to the quality of production, but at the same time it is maximally adapted to the prices of the country's market, which makes forklifts more affordable and in demand. You can buy and rent diesel forklifts using the official websites of companies selling loading equipment. This feature allows you to view information about the product and the company anywhere and at any time.

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