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Howo ZZ4257 tractor unit: characteristics

If you study the subject of the Howo ZZ4257 tractor, then it is assembled with the world on a string, like, in principle, other Chinese trucks. After all, this truck has a Steyr engine, a Holset turbine, an Eaton Fuller gearbox, Bosch hardware, a Wabco braking system, a ZF power steering, a design with a claim, but similar to a Mercedes. Hieroglyphics are written on the entire Howo ZZ4257 tractor. Was it done by licensed workers or not? - not known. Suppose the Howo truck was simply copied entirely using simple measuring tools. For example, such cases are known from history, for example the ZIL-130 was copied from Ford, and from it the Romanian truck Roman. Or how in the Soviet Union they ripped off the Volga from an American passenger car, and at the same time tried to challenge the righteousness.

For example, a trucker, in principle, does not care whose production is a failed part of his truck, which is stuck on the side of the road at minus thirty degrees. One has only to remember the history, and it becomes quite clear that the fact of the presence of industrial plagiarism is not at all a reason to reproach the manufacturers guilty of it for their technical incompetence. The Howo ZZ4257 cannot be blamed for its poor build quality. On the contrary, among the number of cars that have recently visited Irkutsk in transit from China, Howo is, in my opinion, the most complete creation. This is not a fake like the Admiral or the Great Wall. Howo also has no imitation of Western European car models.

The design continuity is perfectly hidden by the Chinese stylistic camouflage, which makes the Howo tractor look very harmonious. Of course, it doesn't have a super modern look, but at least it looks old. Moreover, from any side, the Chinese Howo is much more interesting than its passenger countrymen. Judge for yourself: the radiator grille, which is inscribed in the space between the side deflectors, multi-section optics, which have a complex shape, "two-story" top with aerial cover of the truck. In addition, the Howo has even, small gaps everywhere. At the same time, there are no tasteless "rhinestones". The Howo ZZ4257 tractor is good not only on the outside. A two-step ladder (it is a pity that the Chinese did not guess to install a handle on the right side of the opening) leads to a fairly modern cabin, which contains parts unfamiliar to lovers of heavy domestic equipment.

For example, the Howo has air conditioning, refrigerator, climate control with screen, adjustable steering wheel, heating nozzles that are installed throughout, seats with pneumatic cushions and heating. It should be noted that at the moment we are talking about the basic configuration, below which the manufacturer simply cannot go down. But on request, he can equip the Howo salon with all kinds of additional equipment. The only thing that doesn't look good in the Howo's interior is the relatively cheap wood-look inserts. However, this drawback is completely hidden by plastic with smooth seams, which has a quality worthy of a truck.

Even a person suffering from insomnia will want to sleep in the Howo ZZ4257 tractor. After all, this car has two chic soft shelves with pillows. The only drawback is that the standard configuration of the Chinese Howo does not provide for an autonomous heater, as a result of which it is very risky to sleep in our climate. There is only one way out - to pay extra for the installation of an autonomous heater. It is also regrettable that you cannot buy additional square meters for any money, which is just a minimum in Howo. Visiting the sleeping places of the car must be done with the help of acrobatic stunts due to the presence of a huge motor hump in the cockpit.

On the one hand, the HOVO cab has a high ceiling, whereby you can stand at full height. But, on the other hand, there is simply nowhere to stand in the cockpit. The number of compartments for things is more than enough. The Howo tractor takes the lead in this. Outside the cockpit, the build quality of the Howo is not worse at all. Gone are the days when Chinese engineering was characterized by sagging wiring, which was fixed with insulating tape. Thus, all hoses-wires are carried out in places inaccessible to the influence of the external environment. Some parts of the Howo are made very ergonomically, which once again underlines the special concern of manufacturers for consumers.

For example, Howo has a double air filter. It is possible to move the saddle around the frame for the best positioning of the pivot point of the semitrailer. At the same time, the frame has a profile that evokes associations with quarry technology. Although there are opposite examples. So, the washer reservoir is located in the front overhang and is quite low, and the fuel filter - moisture separator is not heated. The Chinese Howo ZZ4257 looks impressive enough for a young manufacturer. This car is a real constructor. Howo does not have options only for the engine brand. Everything else can be varied. Only the transmission allows you to create about a dozen variants. German ZF, American Eaton Fuller, Japanese box. Plus to this - differences in the number of gears and gear ratios of the bridges.

The Howo ZZ4257 lineup includes cab modifications - high, low, with different widths of berths and with two styling options. There are also two- and three-axle models of the Howo tractor with engine power from 290 to 410 "horses". This is despite the fact that now we are talking only about the tractor. But there are also dump trucks, mixers, concrete pumps. Each of them is released with almost the same breadth of versions described above. This provides coverage for almost all currently existing lifting capacities and standard sizes. The Howo Car in question belongs to almost the most flagship configuration. So, it has a 371-horsepower turbodiesel and 12 stages with a divider.

The interaxle, as well as the interwheel blocking and axles at Howo are equipped with wheel reduction gears. Of course, this solution for a road car model is not entirely traditional. But this is not scary, if only it drove well ... Despite the fact that the Chinese Howo has a rather cramped cabin, the driver, in principle, has nothing to complain about. After all, the steering wheel is not a trolley rim, but almost a lightweight bagel. The Howo car seat is covered with pleasant textiles. In addition, it is widely adjustable, both horizontally and vertically, as a result of which a person with a height of 165 to 190 centimeters can comfortably sit in it. All Howo controls are within safe reach.

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