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Terex Atlas 1504-1604 LC Workshop  Manual PDF Download

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820 860/880 SX & ELITE 970/980 ELITE TX760B TX860B TX870B TX970B

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860/880 SX & ELITE

970/980 ELITE





2006 Terex Service Manual HR HML SKL Download

2008 Service Manual Terex English Download

TL 65 (SKL824) TL 80 (SKL 834) 1  100 (SKL844) TL 120 (SKL 854) 2 Technical Data TL 160 (SKL 160) SKL 200 (SKL873) 3 Diesel Engine TL 260 (SKL 260) TL 70 (SKS 634) 4 Hydraulic System 5 Setting Instructions 6 Functioning Description TW 70 (HML 23) 7 Electrical System TW 85 (HML 32) 8 Maintenance TW 110 (HML 42) 9 Operation 10 Options TC 60 (HR 20) 11 Repair Instructions TC 125 (HR 42) 12 Service-Bulletins

TC 75 (HR 32) TC 29 (HR14) TC 35 (HR 16) TC 48 (HR 18) TC 15 (HR 1.5) TC 16 (HR 1.6) TC 20 (HR 2.0) TC 37 (HR 3.7) TC 50

History of Terex

The company was established in 1925 as a division of General Motors. The first production facilities of the company appeared in 1957 in Hudson, Ohio. Terex has been an independent company since 1980. The founder is Gerald Williamson. Location USA, Westport (Connecticut).


No construction site is complete without earth-moving and loading machines.


Earthmovers, excavators and bulldozers dig into the ground. Loaders on the pickup load the earth, raise building materials to the floors, move goods around construction sites. The functions of these machines are different, although sometimes they overlap. An excavator can easily cope with loading soil, but here it is, a small miracle of the 20th century - a station wagon, a machine that combines the functions of both of these main players on a construction site, an excavator and a loader. This is what in the language of professionals is called a "backhoe loader", or "backhoe loader". Connoisseurs will agree - this car is a real miracle. It digs deep and far, loads high and easily, moves quickly and maneuverably, and is indispensable in cramped conditions.


The first manufacturer of a backhoe loader is the American corporation CASE, founded in 1842 by Jerome Case. Initially, the company specialized in the production of threshers, but later became the first manufacturer of steam engines for special equipment used in agriculture.


In 1957, Case acquires American Tractor Corporation, a small privately owned backhoe manufacturer for crawler excavators. At the same time, the corporation launches the first integrated backhoe loader on the world market. It is an agricultural wheeled tractor, to which a bucket is attached in front, and a backhoe in the back. And so the first fateful model of the Case 320 backhoe loader was developed, combining two functions.

Terex has been producing backhoe loaders for over 52 years.


On April 28, 2009, a celebration dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the production of Terex backhoe loaders took place in Warwick (England).


The history of Terex backhoe loaders dates back to the Massey-Harris-Ferguson era of the 1950s, with the start of tractor-backhoe-loader (three-in-one) production in Manchester in 1959.


In 1961, the 203/205 and 65S/65R models appeared. The S-series was equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, the R-series was equipped with a 4-speed. These models were updated in 1965 to 203/205Mk 2 and 3165S/3165R. In the same year, the 220 Backhoe with a five-speed gearbox was smoothly released to the market.

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