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The company has become popular not only in China, but also on many continents of the planet. Cars are exported to Asia North Africa & European c0untries. Since 2010, in addition to the manufactured products, this plant in Ulyanovsk has also mastered the production of medium-sized buses BAW 2245 Street. It should be noted that the plant's capacity is designed to produce up to 60 thousand cars and buses per year, which is expected to be achieved in 2015. As for the production and sale of BAW off-road cars (BAV), these cars are also available for purchase and maintenance in our country. At the same time, I would like to note that these cars have acquired all the family traits of Jeep cars. Compared to many "pseudo crossovers", which often have only front-wheel drive, these SUVs are real serious off-road conquerors. At the same time, it demonstrates high wear resistance and quality.

Practical and unpretentious machines under the Fenix and Tonic brands occupy an important niche in the small and medium-duty truck market. The sphere of production and construction, delivery and transportation, utilities an incomplete list of places where this technique is used. The BAV Fenix car has long won the sympathy of consumers, while the following qualities are recognized as especially valuable:

Maximum adaptation to domestic climatic and road conditions.

Modern economical engine of ecological class Euro-4.

Convenient caboverless cab design.

Versatility due to various add-ons on the chassis.

Affordable cost with high performance.

BAW Fenix car range

On the basis of the chassis of several modifications with different carrying capacity, starting from 1.3 tons, a wide range of trucks and special equipment is produced: a flatbed truck with and without an awning, a manufactured goods and isothermal van, a refrigerator, a platform with a CMU, a tanker truck, evacuators of various designs and much more. At the request of the customer, the selected chassis of the BAF Phoenix truck can be equipped with any superstructure, as well as additional options air conditioning and pre-heater-preheater. The choice of the cab color is offered white, yellow or blue, it is possible to paint blue "metallic".

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