Still forklifts Error Code list

Still Workshop FM-X Error list Download

FM-X-10 FM-X-14 FM-X-17 FM-X-20 FM-X-25

Error List FM-X, FM-X N, FM-X W, FM-X EW, FM-X SE


Error list

Reach truck Control Unit RCU (A)


Card reader (G)

Joystick 4Plus/fingertips

Display and operating unit (J)

Battery controller (S)

Electric steering (z)

Additional Error numbers

Reach Truck Control RCU (A)

Error A1201-A3902


Converter (D,F)

The converter is a dual converter. The two areas Traction and Hydraulics are covered by two error list (D,F)

Error D1201-D6134

Hydraulic converter (F)

Error F1201-F6134

Card reader (G)

Error G1201-G6411

Joystick 4Plus/fingertips (I)

Error I1201-4491

Display and operating unit (J)

Error J1201-J6060

Battary controller (S)

Error S3601-S3632

Electric steering (Z)

Error Z0200-Z0498

Additional error numbers

Error numbers without prefixed code letters appear in the display together with the symbol  "i" for information.

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