BT Forklift Truck Service & Operator's Manual

Service Manual
Service Manual


  • Safety rules
  • Warning signs
  •  General safety instructions
  • Warning and information notices and symbols
  • Stacker description
  • Intended use of the stacker Inappropriate use of the stacker
  • Technical details.
  • Stacker dimensions.
  • Marking plate.
  • Capacity plate
  • Main assemblies and details
  • Governing bodies
  • Scoreboard and programming
  • Numeric warning codes
  • Numeric error codes
  • Optional equipment
  • Driving
  • Launching the stacker.
  • Braking
  •  Slow motion
  • Steering
  • Stacker parking
  • Moving loads
  • Seizure of cargo
  • Accumulator battery
  • Battery Replacement
  • Battery charge
  • Battery maintenance
  • Daily maintenance and functional checks
  • Maintenance.
  • Cleaning and washing the stacker
  • Scheduled Maintenance Schedule
  • Lubrication table for various units and parts
  • Specification of lubricants and oils
  • Transport and storage of the stacker

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1999, BT products were exported all over the world, and BT became part of the large family of Toyota Material Handling International - the world leader in the manufacturer of material handling equipment.

Toyota Industries Corporation saw the growth of BT very well and treated the new acquisition with unprecedented respect and attention, leaving the enterprise structure the same, only complementing it with their investments and technologies, both in the field of production and personnel training, which allowed BT to receive certificates of green production. to their factories in Sweden and Bologna, Italy.


At CeMAT in Hanover in 2008, both Toyota and BT were presented together under the slogan “Stronger Together” as an example of a successful and friendly merger.


Toyota treats BT as a family member, not only professionally, and this is not surprising, since the path of companies and their policies are very similar - BT has never been afraid to introduce new solutions to the market, many of which became European standards and constantly strived to improve electronic control systems for loading equipment, similar to Toyota.


Through the merger, the technical and manufacturing solutions of both companies evolved, leading to the establishment of the Toyota Industries Corporation as a global leader in material handling equipment, which it retains to this day.

BT Today

BT loaders and stackers are modern technology, high-quality and economical, high ergonomics of the workplace and a sensitive electronic control panel, typical for Toyota, which allows you to work perfectly with delicate loads, as well as high quality materials for the manufacture of forklifts and stackers. BT trucks have a long service life and are extremely reliable, and Toyota service centers are readily available around the world.

At the moment, BT manufactures forklifts powered by diesel and gas engines with a lifting capacity of 1-5 tons (IC BT Cargo series), electric forklifts (Electric BT Cargo) with a lifting capacity of up to 1500kg and stackers of various types with a lifting capacity of up to 2100kg.


All BT equipment meets the strict European standards of environmental cleanliness, which helps keep operators healthy, while ease of operation will reduce working time and increase productivity.

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