Genie Forklift Service & Repair Manuals & Wiring Diagrams. DTC

Genie Forklift GTH-844 Service Manual Download

Genie Forklift GTH-636 Service and Repair Manual Download

Genie GS -1530 GS -1930 GS -2032 GS -2632 GS -3232 GS -2046 GS -2646

GS -3246 & Maintenance Manual Download

Genie GS -1530/32 GS -1930/32 GS -2032 GS -2632 GS -3232 GS -2046 GS -2646

GS -3246 Service Manual Download

Genie GS-1530 GS-1930 Service Manual Download

Genie Z45/25 Z45/25J Service Manual Download

Genie GS-2669RT 3369RT 4069RT Parts Manual Download

Genie GS 2669 3369 4069 Service and Repair Manual Download

Genie S80 S85 (s.n.№ 966 to 3081) Service Manual Download

Genie S80 S85 S80X Service Manual Manual Download

Genie S80 S85 S80X Super Series Operator & Maintenance Manual Download

Genie S60 S65 Service Manual Download

Genie S60 S65 S60 HC Service Manual Download

Genie S40 Service Manual Download

Genie AWP SS / IWP SS Service Manual Download

Genie AWP IWP Super Series Operator & Maintenance Manual Download

Genie Slab Scissor Lifts Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts Maintenance Manual Download

Genie Willmar Forklift Codes Download

Genie Forklift Company


Starting in 1966, Genie has gone from winch production to forklift production. This USA giant from Redmont has taken to the forefront of the world with its lifting technology.


Genie has mastered the field of lifting equipment so much that it began to produce various types of loaders that are in demand in different industries.

Telescopic forklifts are currently the most sought after and cover a huge range of different industries. They are engaged in lifting loads to a height and working with loads at a height. Telescopic handlers are used in trade, agriculture, industry and construction. A feature of the telescopic loader is a retractable telescopic boom, which ensures the accuracy and speed of delivering goods to the desired location. A big breakthrough for the company was the release of the GTH-1544 loader with a lifting capacity of 4.5 tons and an outreach of up to 13.4 m. Such loaders began to be introduced not only in the construction kit, but also in oil production, work in mines and in port facilities. A feature of such telescopic loaders is their ease of use, a comfortable cab for the driver and safety, since loaders of this type are equipped with special signals in case of the likelihood of a load collapse.


Swing tower loaders are completely unique loaders that combine the properties of a crane, a loader and a hoist. For its work, it is enough to choose the correct attachments that are necessary for the job. Such loaders are widely used to perform high-rise and installation work. Thanks to the telescopic boom and the ability to swing, this type of forklift has gained popularity. The Genie LIFT 4017 rotary tower loader is capable of a maximum reach of 17.2 meters. Only by this parameter can one judge the power and capabilities of this loader.

Fixed boom loaders have now replaced front loaders and light duty truck cranes due to their convenience and versatility. It is enough to have different attachments to make these loaders versatile. The fixed boom loader is highly maneuverable and maneuverable, making it widely used in construction and industry. Genie fixed boom loaders are designed to handle tough conditions and maximize productivity with minimal effort. For example, the GTH636 has a lifting capacity of 2,722 ton with a maximum reach of 10.97 meters. Such loaders are actively used for loading and unloading operations.


Genie loaders are highly skilled and versatile equipment that is used in a variety of industries and areas of life.

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