Drexel Forklift Service Manuals

Drexel TM 10-3930-669-10 TRUCK, LIFT, FORK, CLEAN BURN DIESEL, FRONT/SIDE LOADING 6,000 LB CAPACITY MODEL R60SL-DC NSN 3930-01-378-7497 Technical Operator's Manual Download

Drexel TM 10-3930-669-20 TRUCK LIFT CLEAN BURN DIESEL, FRONT/SIDE LOADING 6,000 LB CAPACITY MODEL R60SL-DC NSN 3930-01-378-7479 Technical Maintenance Manual Download

Drexel TRUCK LIFT FORK, 6,000 LB CAPACITY NSN 3930-01-378-7497 TM 10-3930-669-34

MODEL R60SL-DCTechnical Maintenance Manual Download

Drexel Forklift Truck 6K TM 10-3930-669-24P MDL R60SL-DC Technical Manual Download

Drexel Forklift Truck Lo 10-3930-669-12 6K MDL R60SL-DC Technical Manual Download

Drexel Forklift Truck 6K TM 10-3930-669-20 MDL R60SL-DC p2 Technical Manual Download

Drexel Forklift Truck 6K TM 10-3930-669-20 MDL R60SL-DC p3 Technical Manual Download

Drexel Forklift Truck 6K TM 10-3930-669-20 MDL R60SL-DC p4 Technical Manual Download

Drexel Forklift Truck 6K TM 10-3930-669-34 MDL R60SL-DC p3 Technical Manual Download

Drexel Forklift SLT30 AC Hydraulic Schematic 162318 Download

Scope of loaders


Since the trucks are battery operated and do not pollute the air with exhaust emissions, they can also be used inside warehouses. The ability to easily mount various attachments (as needed) significantly expands the range of use of these loaders.


Drexel loaders are effectively used in work with frontal, rammed and gravity types of racks. The high speed of transportation of goods and the convenient location of the driver's seat allow you to transport goods outside warehouses over long distances, without attracting additional equipment for transportation.


The loader can rotate its mast 90 °, sliding it towards the rack and allowing it to work in very narrow aisles. The ability of the loader to hold the load during operation along the axis of travel allows stacking and transporting also long loads.


Drexel Narrow Aisle Loaders work with or without rails in the inter-rack corridors. The large rubber wheels are suitable for working on both asphalt and concrete floors.


The use of AC motors conserves battery power, allowing the truck to run longer. All trucks in the Drexel range are powered by 48V, 685 Ah batteries

Today, the irrational use of warehouse space leads to constant unnecessary costs, their lack hinders the development of production, modernization, increasing output and expanding the range of products. In addition, the inability to store goods in one place leads to a lack of proper control.


The path to increasing efficiency and profitability of production warehouses has emerged in the Bendi and Drexel narrow aisle trucks from Landoll Corp. (USA). Thanks to the unique technical design, more precisely, these machines can operate in inter-shelf corridors with a width of 1.9 m (Bendi) and 1.5 m (Drexel) and therefore in some cases. warehouses and production facilities. At the same time, to work in such narrow corridors, they do not need rail or induction guides, which allows you to change the rack storage areas in the most convenient places and, if necessary, change their location.


Saving storage space and maximizing the use of warehouse space are achieved not only by narrowing the inter-rack corridors, but also by the height of cargo lifting. Among the wide range of narrow aisle forklifts with different maximum lifting heights, there are models capable of lifting loads to a height of 11–12 m.

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