CVS Ferrari Forklift Service Manual. ewd + dtc

SPREADER : - “SS100RSR” [F238]

- “SS100RS” [F248]

- “SS100RSD” [F248 Double Stacking]

- “TS120RS” [F258]

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CVS Ferrari is the exclusive official representative of CVS Ferrari Srl. The company is partially owned by the Italian parent company, which proves the seriousness of CVS Ferrari's intentions and the understanding of the importance and priority of the Russian market for container handling equipment.


    CVS Ferrari supplies equipment and spare parts, as well as warranty and post-warranty service for all CVS Ferrari vehicles throughout the territory.


    CVS Ferrari Srl began operations in 1973. in Roveleto di Cadeo, near Milan, Italy. In 1984. the company began developing and manufacturing container handling equipment and now CVS Ferrari produces the widest and most complete line of container handling equipment for both standard conditions and special applications.


    Under the CVS Ferrari brand, the company manufactures reachstackers, heavy-duty forklifts, and empty container handlers.

     CVS Ferrari products are manufactured only in modern facilities and using exceptionally high quality steel and the most reliable components. Every single component is tested before assembly. To avoid possible errors, robotic welding is used.


    Today, CVS Ferrari includes facilities for the production of the main components: steel structures, spreaders, hydraulic cylinders, cabins, electrical and electronics, control and management software, an assembly shop, and a quality control department.


CVS Ferrari also provides maintenance and repair of its equipment, as well as training for customers and their service technicians.

CVS Service is authorized to operate all over Italy and around the world on CVS, Ferrari-Belotti and Kalmar machines, and to assist Still forklift trucks in Tuscany.

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