Carer Forklift Service Documentation, Brochure pdf

Carer Forklift NK8 NK10 NK12 NK15 Brochure Download

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Carer Forklift R100CHSR R120HSR R150VLKR Brochure Download

Carer Forklift R40NC R45NC R50NC/ NCR/NCF/NCFR Brochure Download

Carer Forklift Z85N-BD Brochure Download

C.a.r.e.r. - Heavy electric forklifts.

The Carer range includes electric forklifts capable of lifting loads of up to 16 tons. They are compact, strong, maneuverable and powerful: some of them have battery power for a long time, even when used non-stop. Loaders can be used both inside the warehouse and in the open space.


They do not require refueling, and this helps to save up to 90,000€ only on its cost (when using the forklift for 5 years). They can also work inside standard containers.


The additionally installed multifunction display (AMD) on some of them makes it easy and simple to operate the forklift, as well as see the remaining battery charge.


In most of them, you can customize the operator's seat for you, which makes working with the forklift even more enjoyable.

CARER loaders have a wide range of models - more than 40 types of models. The CARER loader is powered by a powerful traction battery, which is designed for 1500 charge and discharge cycles (about 5 years of operation).

Carer electric forklifts are used in many industries. For example: for the paper industry, in ports, for the transport of iron and steel goods and in steel plants, in the automotive industry, for wooden goods, for handling radioactive waste, for the transport of drinks and glass goods.

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