Doosan Service Repair Manuals. DTC

Service manuals, Parts Catalogue, Electrical Wiring Diagrams for Doosan excavator, lift trucks, dozers, diesel engine generator in PDF free

Doosan SKF Centralized Lubrication Syste
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Doosan DX225LCA Service Manual.pdf
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Doosan DX235LCR Service Manual.pdf
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Doosan Fault Codes List.pdf
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Doosan DX225LCA Operator Manual.pdf
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Doosan DX300LC Service Manual.pdf
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Doosan DX200A Service Manual (1).pdf
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Doosan DX140LC Service Manual (1).pdf
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Doosan Excavator&WheelLoader Monitoring
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Doosan – Assembly manual for turbine Download

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Doosan DBC130II InstallationManual Download

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Doosan DX140LCHydraulic Excavator Specification Download

Doosan DX140LC ServiceManual Download

Doosan DX140LCDX180LC Electrical Wiring Diagrams Download

Doosan DX200A Service Manual Download

Doosan DX225LC Shop Manual Download

Doosan DX225LCA Operation & Maintenance Manual Download

Doosan DX225LCA Operator Manual Download

Doosan DX225LCA Service Manual Download

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Doosan DX235LCR ServiceManual Download

Doosan DX300LC ServiceManual Download

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Doosan Engines G424ServiceManual Download

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Doosan Excavator & Wheel Loader Monitoring Program User’sGuide Download

Doosan HP450 OperatorManual Download

Doosan MT26, MT31 WorkshopManual Download

Doosan SKFCentralizedLubricationSystems ServiceManual Download

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Doosan Diesel Engine PDF manuals

Doosan D1146TD1146TI DE08TS DE08TIS DIESEL ENGINE for INDUSTRIAL OperatorManuals Download

Doosan D18NAPDieselEngine ServiceManual Download

Doosan DE12, DE12T & DE12TI & DE12TIS DIESEL ENGINE ShopManual Download

Doosan DE12T, DE12TI, DE12TIA and DE12TISdiesel engines ShopManual Download

Doosan Diesel Engines D1146D1146TIDE08TISOperation & MaintenanceManual Download

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Doosan P158LE – P180LE – P222LE DieselEngine OperatorManuals Download

Doosan Generator DBC130Alarms Manual Download

Doosan Generator Diesel EngineD1146D1146T, Po86TL OperationMaintenanceManual Download

Doosan GENERATOR DIESEL ENGINE DE12TPOLUS P126TI Service Manual Download

Doosan GeneratorEngineDB58 Parts Book Download

Doosan GeneratorEngine P222LE-1, P222LE-II, P222LE-S Parts Book Download

Doosan GeneratorMXSeries Alarm List Download

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Doosan Generator PumaMxSeries Programming ExamplesManual Download

Doosan Parts Catalog

Doosan DX225LCparts Book Download

Doosan DX225LC_S~N_5433-UP PartsManual Download

Doosan DX225LCA PartsManual Download

If any malfunction of the system is detected, appropriate measures must be taken to eliminate the causes of the malfunction.


The cause of the problem should be found and preventive measures should be taken in the form of maintenance and repair of the machine.


Since sometimes a malfunction can be the result of several independent causes, a systematic approach must be used to fix the problem. If a problem occurs, use the troubleshooting table below to identify the cause and then take the necessary steps to repair or adjust.

In no case:


make adjustments,

dismantling or repair of hydraulic,

electrical and electronic systems without prior contacting the service center.

The starter does not work. Low battery power. Charge the battery.

Poor pin contact. Clean and tighten


Failure of the starter switch. Replace switch.

Failure of the starter relay. Replace relay.

Failure of starter control. Replace controller.

Defective wiring. Replace wiring.

Battery relay failure. Replace relay.

Blown fuse. Replace fuse.

Starter motor running, engine not Fuel thickened due to cold weather. Change fuel.

starts The fuel filters are clogged. Replace filters.

Water or dirt in the fuel tank Clean the system and add

system. new fuel.

Air in the fuel system. Remove air from the system.

Stop control failure Replace control

engine. stopping.

Failure of the engine stop relay. Replace relay.

Blown fuse. Replace fuse.

Engine Wrong oil viscosity Change oil.

starts, runs only at low speed, or shuts down. engine.

Clogged or dirty Clean injectors.

fuel injectors.

Clogged fuel filters. Replace filters.

Cable not adjusted Adjust.

engine shutdown

Speed control cable Adjust.

Engine knocks, runs unevenly, or Insufficient engine oil. Top up.

jerks. Clogged air intake system. Clear the system and

replace the filter.

Injection pump do not Refer to

adjusted. distributor of the company


Clogged fuel filter. Replace fuel


Water or dirt in the fuel system. Clear the system and

add new fuel.

Clogged or dirty fuel. Clean injectors.

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