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HE 2501 Pre heating coil induction air

MA 2307 Solenoid valve fuel shut off injection pump

MA 2501 Solenoid valve exhaust brake

MA 4201 S1 Gear shift control valve (inside transmission)

MA 4202 S2 Gear shift control valve (inside transmission)

MA 4203 S3 Gear shift control valve (inside transmission)

MA 4204 S4 Gear shift control valve (inside transmission)

MA 4205 S5 Gear shift control valve (inside transmission)

MA 4206 S7 Gear shift control valve (inside transmission)

MA 4207 S8 Gear shift control valve (inside transmission)

MA 4601 Solenoid valve manual transverse differential lock bogie

MA 4602 Solenoid valve manual differential lock 6x6 drive

MA 4603 Solenoid valve manual transverse differential lock front axle

MA 4604 Solenoid valve manual longitudinal differential lock

MA 5501 Solenoid valve parking brake 1

MA 5502 Solenoid valve parking brake 2

MA 5901 Solenoid valve for load and dump brake

MA 9101 Holding solenoid for float position of dump lever

PWM 2301 Actuator for control rod of fuel injection pump

PWM 2302 Actuator for injection angle of fuel injection pump

PWM 2601 Valve for fan motor intercooler

PWM 2602 Valve for radiator fan motor

WPM 4201 Control valve main pressure transmission

WPM 4202 Control valve brake pressure

PWM 4203 Control valve lock up

PWM 4204 Control valve retarder

RE 2501 Preheating induction air relay

RE 3301 Relay starter motor

RE 3601 Relay interval wiper

RE 3602 Relay windshield washer

RE 3603 Relay buzzer central warning

RE 3704 Relay delayed stop

RE 3801 Output relay for extra central warning

RE 4201 Relay backup light, alarm, camera

RE 5201 Relay brake light

SE 2202 Temperature sensor engine oil

SE 2203 Pressure sensor engine oil

SE 2205 Level monitor engine oil

SE 2301 Pressure sensor fuel

SE 2303 Level sensor fuel

SE 2306 Temperature sensor fuel

SE 2307 Position sensor control rod injection pump

SE 2308 Needle lift sensor injector 1

SE 2501 Temperature sensor ambient air

SE 2502 Pressure monitor air filter

SE 2507 Temperature sensor charge air

SE 2508 Pressure sensor charge air

SE 2601 Temperature sensor cooling circuit convertor

SE 2602 Temperature sensor cooling circuit engine / retarder

SE 2606 Temperature sensor coolant engine block

SE 2701 Engine speed sensor

SE 2702 Position sensor throttle pedal

SE 2703 Speed sensor injector pump

SE 3801 Sensor longitudinal angle

SE 3802 Sensor outside temperature

SE 4201 Sensor gear shift selector

SE 4202 Temperature sensor oil transmission

SE 4203 Sensor transmission oil level

SE 4204 Temperature sensor oil retarder

SE 4208 Position sensor retarder pedal

SE 4212 Speed sensor input speed transmission

SE 4213 Turbo speed sensor

SE 4214 Pressure sensor transmission oil

SE4307 Speed sensor output speed transmission

SE 5201 Brake servo pressure sensor tractor unit

SE 5202 Brake servo pressure sensor trailer unit

SE 5203 Sensor brake pressure tractor unit

SE 5204 Sensor brake pressure trailer unit

SE 5501 Pressure sensor parking brake

SE 9102 Sensor steering pressure engine pump

SE 9103 Sensor steering pressure ground pump

SE 9104 Level sensor hydraulic oil tank

SE 9105 Temperature sensor hydraulic oil tank

Decoding of codes of malfunctions


B - body;

C - chassis (suspension);

P - engine (ECM), gearbox;

U - data exchange bus.




1, 2 - fuel system;

3 - ignition system;

4 - reducing toxicity

exhaust gases;

5 - idle;

6 - ECU or its circuits;

7, 8 - transmission (automatic transmission).


Fault Code

How do I clear the error?


If the instrument panel shows a check, the easiest way to throw off the error is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes. But it must be borne in mind that in this way only the code itself can be removed from the memory of the on-board computer or the instrument panel, however, it will not be possible to erase the malfunction directly. Therefore, the combinations must be removed after repair.


To reset the memory on Volvo cars of 92, 93, 94 and 95 with the old testing system, the following actions are performed:


In the car, the ignition system is activated by turning the key in the lock.

The key is pressed to start the diagnostic process, which must be held down for 6-8 seconds.

Wait until the LED indicator on the dashboard on-board computer lights up (it should appear after about 3 seconds).

Then the key for activating the testing process is again clamped for 6-8 seconds, which will turn off the diode element.

A check is made for the presence of fault codes in the memory of the control unit. If the actions to clear the memory are performed correctly, the LED will send code 111.

If you want to remove the indicator of the need for a service interval on Volvo XC60, XC70 and XC90 cars, the following actions are performed:


The key is inserted into the lock and scrolled into "I" mode.

The button on the odometer is pressed and held for a few seconds, during which the daily mileage should be reset.

Within two seconds after resetting the values, the user must move the key in the lock to position "II". The odometer button while performing these actions must be held until the indicator in the form of an orange triangle appears on the dashboard display.

Then the mileage reset button is released and the ignition system is turned off. After that, the indication of the service interval must be deleted from the memory of the control unit.

For Cummins cars, C60, C80, XC70 & other Volvo models, the procedure for deleting random trouble codes is as follows:


The driver gets behind the wheel of the vehicle and closes the door behind him. When carrying out this procedure, all door locks of the car must be locked.

The key is inserted into the lock and turns first into the "I" mode, and then comes back. It is not necessary to remove the device from the switch.

The reset button for the daily mileage on the dashboard is pressed. At the same time, the user must turn the key in the lock to the “I” position.

Then, holding the key down, the user must wait 10-15 seconds. The indicator of unfastened safety belts or airbags should blink on the display. The dashboard will beep. The pulse duration should be about 1 s.

Then, on the dashboard of the machine, on the left side of the display, fault codes will appear. All errors are separated by commas. This completes the procedure for resetting errors for trucks and light vehicles.

Volvo Trucks unveiled the range of modernized trucks even earlier than expected ... But was it necessary to hide them under camouflage, if from a distance the current FHs can be confused with their predecessors? Perhaps the most powerful Volvo FH16s stand out with a shiny patterned grille


However, the headlights are definitely different - narrow, LED and adaptive for the first time in the truck industry: the high beam automatically switches to the low beam when oncoming traffic appears (this is monitored by a radar and a video camera). In turn, the turn signals have migrated to the door.


In the cockpit, following the competitor Mercedes Actros, large tablets appeared - a 12-inch screen instead of the dashboard and, as an option, a nine-inch screen for multimedia. True, it looks alien - after all, initially there was no place for it, and the Swedes did not change the panel, like that of Actros. Again, unlike Actros, Volvo does not have video mirrors - and most likely will not: judging by the reviews of “mirrorless” truckers on Facebook, water ingress on the cameras causes serious problems with the view.


The younger models FM (road) and FMX (construction) received a new (or rather, the most unified with FH) cab - where there is more living space per cubic meter. In turn, the construction FMX and the mighty FH16s have a more lifting rear bogie designed for 38 tons - the gross weight of a road train with such Volvo can reach 150 tons. Well, the most powerful Volvo engine still develops 750 hp. and 3550 Nm.


Of course, the economical I-Save package presented last year, improved cruise control associated with GPS, other electronic systems and assistants remain in force: for example, adaptive cruise control now works at any speed down to zero, and the braking system with electronic control became standard on all FHs.

All of this is supposed to help attract new drivers: parks in Europe are understaffed by 20%.

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