Hangcha Forklift Service Manual. Wiring Diagrams

Here you can download the Hangcha Forklift truck Repair and Maintenance manual for free in PDF format. Also in the manual you will find electrical diagrams, connection diagrams, error codes and the reasons for their occurrence.

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Hangcha Group Company is based in China. It was founded in 1956 and is now a global holding company for the production of lifting equipment. The organization gained its popularity thanks to a competent marketing policy that harmoniously combines high quality and low cost of products.

Hangcha Forklift

The warehouse equipment of this Chinese brand has a number of features:

  • When assembling forklifts, reliable Japanese components, components and assemblies are used.
  • The equipment can be equipped with mast structures that have different lifting heights, displacement devices, comfortable cabins, multifunctional grippers.
  • For ease of control, the steering system is equipped with amplifiers.
  • A special hydraulic device allows you to reduce the speed of the load before the finish, preventing impact.
  • The braking system is equipped with special drums that provide high reaction speed and reliability.
  • For loaders, the likelihood of losing control of the mast is minimized. This is due to the special safety valves.


Among the obvious advantages of the technique, the following should be noted:

  • Affordable prices and decent quality.
  • Multifunctionality, which is achieved through the ability to load, unload and transport goods.
  • Large assortment of lifting masts and complete sets.
  • All equipment is reliably protected and at the same time available for service.
  • The loaders comply with European technical standards.
  • Kayaba devices are used as hydraulic pumps, which suppress noise and increase the service life of the oil in the hydraulic system.
  • Due to special rubber gaskets, the noise of a running engine is minimized.
  • The most comfortable conditions for the operator's work, including the tightness of the cab, which maintains the optimum temperature and protects against extraneous noise.

Hangcha loaders are not without disadvantages:

The battery is charged for a short time.

The weld seams are unaesthetic.

The low angle of the hood lift requires precision when carrying out service work.


This type of hc (Hangcha) equipment is equipped with a hydraulic system that takes the weight of the load as accurately as possible. The mechanisms reduce the consumption of fuel and electrical energy. Due to this, operating efficiency is rapidly increasing.

All models are safe from an environmental point of view, and the volume of gas emissions is minimal.

The units are available for diagnostics and repair, and the machine itself is protected from overheating by liquid cooling.

The forklift controls are intuitive, so operator training is not time consuming.

Photos of Hangcha HC-CPCD-18N diesel forklift truck:

Diesel cars are produced in the following series:


Series R, lifting capacities from 1 to 16 tons.

Series A, lifting capacities from 1.5 to 3.8 tons.


All models have a unique design that is in line with the latest trends. The extended wheelbase ensures the balance of the machine when working at height. All units and assemblies are available for maintenance.


The machines are distinguished by safety and high-precision electronics, which allows you to control the operating parameters.

4 support electrical

These models are used to work in closed warehouses. This purpose is due to the small volumes of gases emitted. They have 4 wheels, due to which the optimum stability is achieved when working at maximum height. The machines have safe and easy handling and a high level of maneuverability. Operation and maintenance of equipment is low-cost.

3 support electrical

The machines are equipped with three wheels, with both front and rear wheels driving. This system provides a high level of maneuverability and balance, even at a height of 8 meters. Comfortable and safe driving conditions are created in the machines.

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