NEW HOLLAND Tractor Service Repair Manuals PDF

Our repair and operation manual contains all the necessary materials for the repair, maintenance and operation of this special equipment. The manual also contains all the necessary information on the recommended fuels and lubricants and technical fluids. The manual is intended and will be very helpful to anyone involved with this technique.


Backhoe loader New Holland B115B - earth-moving special equipment with add. loading function. The B115B is equipped with a modern 112 horsepower turbine diesel engine with a common rail fuel system and an EGR system. The automatic transmission of variable transmissions allows the excavator to carry out four gears forward and two reverse. Moreover, the choice of transmission is made using the steering column lever.

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New Holland's formula for success

It is no secret for professionals that maintaining a high level of scientific and engineering support of products largely depends on the scale of the manufacturer, the breadth of the assortment, and, as a result, the constantly growing cash flow of the company. With such a scheme, the amount of funds that can be invested in new developments and directed to the development of its design base increases by an order of magnitude. In addition, the breadth of international cooperation between the divisions of a large multinational company often provides efficient logistics, which always positively affects the manufacturer's pricing policy, making its economic position more stable.


The photo shows the famous New Holland E 215 excavator equipped with an inclined bucket.


It was this kind of positive change that drove CNH at the end of 2004, when the facilities of Fiat Kobelco, O&K, Kobelco & New Holland Construction were combined under the New Holland brand, a brand with over 50 years of global experience. Today, uniting well-known prosperous industrial empires, New Holland is becoming one of the main players in the construction equipment market.


Since the establishment of CNH, the corporation has operated and supported five construction equipment manufacturers:


Fiat Kobelco,



New Holland construction


The key moment of CNH's strategy was the creation of a powerful brand with a wide range of products based on the already well-known and successful global company New Holland. Thus, through the use of the best technology, design and industrial capabilities, new types of construction equipment have enriched CNH's product range and got the opportunity for progressive development.


In recent years, the investment has helped bring 266 new models to market as the corporation strives to exceed the expectations of existing customers and attract new ones. All of this is now consolidated into the worldwide brand New Holland - a much more powerful partner for both current and future owners of construction equipment offered by CNH. This brand combines high performance and quality assurance of machines and mechanisms that customers are accustomed to trust.

As conceived by the authors of the project, which brought together four of the above manufacturers to create a single brand, New Holland is intended to become, as a global market participant, on a par with Case, while CNH will maintain and develop an alliance with its business partner Kobelco.


In Europe, the Kobelco brand - Kobe Steel - is planned to be installed on New Holland tracked and mini excavators as an additional quality seal that demonstrates the continuity of Kobelco's design and technology from New Holland, increasing customer loyalty to the products.


In North America and Asia, Kobelco will maintain its position as an “excavator specialist” and maintain its own dealer network.


The Case brand, already a well-known brand with a wide range of products, will continue to grow with the support of CNH's second business partner, Sumitomo.


CNH executives emphasize that for the current owners of equipment from Fiat Kobelco, O&K, Kobelco and New Holland Construction, the manufacturer's service commitment remains unchanged until customers appreciate the benefits of the new New Holland brand and its wide range of products.


The New Holland Construction brand was officially launched in Europe in 2000, but it actually has a more ancient history that goes back to 1895, Pennsylvania, where the New Holland Machine Company was formed.

The company began to acquire experience in the field of earthworks since 1921. It owes its success in this area to a number of partner firms who have helped create the modern look of the manufacturer for many years. Since the merger of Fiat Geotech and Ford in 1991, New Holland has significantly expanded its mechanical engineering capabilities. Today New Holland Construction is part of the Kobelco CNH engineering empire, which is considered one of the world's largest equipment manufacturers with more than 10,000 dealers in 160 countries.

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