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All literature in this section: the BYD operating manual contains instructions on the assembly / disassembly of automotive components and systems, their adjustment and repair using spare parts and various units. At the same time, all the recommendations that the BYD repair manual contains are described step by step and supported not only by graphic, but also by photographic materials.


In addition, it should be noted that the BYD operating manual and the BYD repair manual contains, as a rule, only those methods of car repair and maintenance that are performed using a standard set of tools available to any car enthusiast. At the same time, this literature may also contain recommendations on the use of special tools and equipment, which anyone can purchase.


The BYD repair and maintenance manual and the BYD repair manual also contain an “appendix” section, which contains all the additional data necessary to carry out repairs at home.


Separate sections of the book, the BYD operation manual and the BYD repair manual, contain operating instructions, as well as recommendations for maintenance and electrical circuits for this vehicle.

Such literature as the BYD operation manual and BYD repair manual is intended not only for mechanics and service station workers, but also for owners of this loader who want to learn how to carry out repair work on their own.

Fresh BYD Forklift Model and Innovative Charger

A Chinese brand that specializes in the production of electric forklift trucks has celebrated 10 years since the start of the production of electric vehicles equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries.


The main advantage of BYD forklifts is the ability to restore a full battery charge in a short time. Not wanting to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, the manufacturer has created an innovative charging system that can further speed up this process. The new device has two charging ports that provide twice as fast charging.


This innovation is critical for organizations whose overall productivity depends on efficient and smooth handling. We are talking primarily about logistics centers and large warehouses of manufacturing enterprises.


It is for this segment of buyers that the manufacturer is ready to guarantee the best solution for smooth operation. At the same time, as the brand representative notes, the charging process for BYD forklifts is not only the fastest among competitors, but also gives a stable result and is carried out in the safest way.


As for the new model - BYD PTP20P, it is a thoroughly modified version of the loader. Its strengths are its high travel speed, which is up to 12 km / h. The machine, with its modest dimensions, has a carrying capacity of up to 2 tons. At the same time, the electric forklift is characterized by comfortable and convenient operation, smooth driving system. The technique is maneuverable and responsive to the operator's commands, which, of course, is especially important when carrying out loading and transportation operations with large volumes of expensive cargo in confined spaces.


The manufacturer of special equipment claims that the batteries used in the production of BYD forklifts are 40% more energy efficient than lead-acid batteries of the same capacity.

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