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Isuzu 4HK-1 Engine Service Manual.pdf
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Isuzu 4HK-1 And 6HK-1 Engine Fuel System
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Electrical Wiring Diagrams

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Qu83668_800 Isuzu Ftr WiringDiagram Download

Overview of the NLR 85L and NMR 85L models

The car is equipped with a three-seater cab with an increased level of comfort. Wide doors open 90 degrees, and entry and exit are also facilitated by the handrail on the A-pillar and the anti-slip footrest. Inside, a steering wheel adjustable in two planes, air conditioning, power windows and electrically adjustable and heated mirrors are installed.

On the front panel there is a place for an audio system and a tachograph.

A special place in the cockpit is given to storage compartments. In addition to the glove box, there are convenient shelves for documents above the windshield, a holder for credit cards and pull-out cup holders with spring-loaded locks.

As for the engine, the Isuzu NLR 85L is powered by an economical 3-liter diesel. It develops 124 hp. and a maximum torque of 354 Nm at 1500 rpm. A mechanical 5-speed gearbox is aggregated with this motor.

The basic equipment includes ABS, EBD and a switchable ASR traction control.

A heavier class car model is also offered - Isuzu NMR 85L. Its chassis has twice the payload - 3200 kg and a gross weight of 5200 kg. Unlike the NLR 85L, a front dependent suspension is installed here, and not spring, but spring. The rear suspension has received springs. The rear gable busbar is also used.

Three-seater cab and 124 hp diesel engine unified with NLR 85L. The differences are only in the capacity of the fuel tank: on the smaller model it is 75 liters, and on the larger one - with a volume of 100 liters. By the way, the real fuel consumption is impressive: for the NLR 85L it is 8-9 l. per 100 km in the combined mode, and for the NMR 85L it is about 10 liters per hundred.

On the presented NLR 85L machine, it has an anti-slip floor and aluminum flanges. In this case, the door locks are internal, although external are also possible, with a vertical bar that securely fixes the door from above and below.

For Isuzu NLR 85L, a manufactured goods or an isothermal van with dimensions of 3500x2000x2000 mm is offered.

For the NMR 85L model, given the longer wheelbase, a larger van is provided - 4300x2000x2000 mm. Installation of on-board platforms with awning is possible. In addition, Isuzu truck chassis can be ordered with a loader crane, tank, aerial platform and other special superstructures.

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