Astra Truck PDF Repair Manuals & Service Manuals, Wiring Diagrams


  • Introduction
  • General Specifications 
  • Engine F3B
  • Clutch 
  • Power take–off
  • Manual gearbox
  • ZF 16S 1620 TD 
  • ZF 16S 2320 TD
  • Reduction gear unit TC 1800
  • Reduction gear unit TC 2200 
  • Propeller shafts 
  • Axle 
  • Front drive axle 
  • Single Rear axle
  • Intermediate axle (in tandem)
  • Rear axle (in tandem)
  • Brakes 
  • Wheels and tyres 
  • Front suspensions
  • Rear suspensions
  • Steering system
  • Pneumatic system - brakes 
  • Electrical system
  • Cab and chassis

In this repair manual, you will find step-by-step troubleshooting instructions, circuitry, relay and fuse locations, and error codes and how to read them.

Astra HD9 Euro3 Service Manual PDF.pdf Download

Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6×4 GB.pdf Download

Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6×6 GB.pdf Download

ASTRA RD Truck – tech data.pdf Download

ASTRA RD Truck.pdf Download

Astra truck H8DE Workshop Manual PDF.pdf Download

ASTRA Truck HD 8E Tire 3 – tech data.pdf Download

ASTRA Truck HD 8E Tire 3.pdf Download

ASTRA Truck HD 9 – tech data.pdf Download

ASTRA truck HHD 8 – tech data.pdf Download

ASTRA TRUCKs ADT 25 – tech data.pdf Download

ASTRA Truck ADT25 ADT30 TIER 3 Workshop Service Manual

Astra ADT 30 Tier3 Dump Truck Workshop Service Manual

Astra ADT 30 Tier3 Dump Truck Factory Service Repair Manual

Astra HD9 Euro3 Service Manual PDF.pdf
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ASTRA RD Truck - tech data.pdf
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Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6x4 GB.pdf
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Astra HD9 Sheet Chassis Euro3 6x6 GB.pdf
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Astra trucks are Italian vehicles that are approved for use onpublic roads. The family includes three- and four-axle vehicles, as well as rear-wheel drive truck tractors. Depending on the modification, models with a capacity of 410 to 560 hp are produced.


Advantages and prices of Astra trucks

The Astra truck has a lot of undeniable advantages in comparison with other heavy equipment:


designed to work in the most difficult environmental conditions;

in favor of the high quality of the machines is evidenced by the fact that more than 30% of the production of the manufacturer is sent to the NATO armed forces;

a wide range of machines designed for any work: articulated dump trucks, three-axle machines with rear unloading "tundra" bodies, without a tailgate, with a heater running on exhaust gases;

the presence of a powerful frame and suspension, bridges, resistant to any road obstacles;

high torque motor;

the presence of inter-axle and inter-wheel locks and much more.

You can find the prices for Astra trucks in the website catalog. Here you can find new and used cars of this brand with photos and characteristics. You can buy an Astra truck from us on the most favorable terms.


Dump trucks are supplied to our country on the AstraHD9 chassis (6x46x6 & 8x4) and reinforcedHHD96x6 (with single- and dual-tire rear axles) for especially severe operating conditions, equipped with 12.8-liter Iveco Cursor 13 diesel engines with a capacity from 410 to 540 h.p. and 16-speedZF manual transmissions. Some of them are equipped with bucket trucks (manufactured by CantonieС and other firms), others - with box-type dump bodies for rear unloading with heated exhaust gases bottom, the volume of which when installed on a three-axle chassis is 16 m3, when installed on a four-axle chassis - 20 m3. For the HHD9 series, respectively 20 and 22 m3. The payload capacity of the HD9 dump trucks ranges from 23,000t. to 33 tone, while the HHD9 dump trucks range from 3,05t. to 34,5t.

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