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JCB company


According to the world-famous abbreviation "JCB" is understood as an English corporation engaged in the production of mini-tractors, as well as high-quality samples of construction machinery and spare parts for it. It is headquartered in the UK in Rochester (Staffordshire).


According to statistics, the company ranks third in the world in terms of the volume of construction equipment produced by it. More than three hundred types of various products are presented in the markets around the globe, including not only JCB loaders and excavators, but also agricultural machines. The corporation has a large number of production units operating in the North American, European and Asian continents. JCB products are successfully sold today in more than 150 countries around the world.


Excavator with hydraulic hammer

Short story


The first mentions of the JCB company by the 60s of the last century (more precisely, by 1961). Its founder is considered to be D.S.Bamford, from whose name it got its name (his initials in English are written as "G.C.B."). Within the United Kingdom, the abbreviation "JCB" is colloquially common and commonly used by people to refer to popular excavator brands.


Later, it was even included in one of the famous academic vocabularies of the island state. And this, despite the fact that at one time it was a popular trademark, well recognized all over the world. The first head of the company managed to create an effective environment, thanks to which the developing structure turned into an efficiently operating production center. Features of its functioning include:


• Lack of trade unions and shifting the responsibility for housing for company employees to responsible employees of the administration.

• Creation of ideal conditions for staff rest in their free time.

• High salaries of employees, which are constantly being adjusted upward.


Additional information: D.S.Bamford ordered to encircle the working buildings of the recreation area with a total of about 40 square meters. km, which is a complex of landscape parks.


In their free time, employees of the company could hunt, fish and swim in the reservoirs surrounding the association.


Thanks to the constant care of the staff, productivity in it increased all the time. Today, JCB has many branches scattered across different continents. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the company has invariably been one of the three world manufacturers of construction equipment.

Production units


Concern "JCB" consists of a number of subdivisions, most of which differ in terms of territory. To date, the corporation has 18 factories operating on four continents. The distribution of these units in different territories is detailed below:


• In the UK itself, there are 11 factories of the corporation.

• Three more factories operate in India.

• One plant is located in China, the USA, as well as in Germany and Brazil.


Due to its wide coverage of the world market, today "JCB" - one of the largest private associations in the UK, producing trucks (dump trucks), excavators and modern loaders.


Products manufactured by the company


The list of products manufactured by JCB Corporation can be found below:


• Excavators of various brands used for dismantling buildings.

• Loaders of all types.

• Tractors of various classes.

• Samples of vibration-compaction units.


Special attention should be paid to the special excavator equipment "JCB", including those used for demolition of buildings. Let's consider the presented samples of some excavator models in more detail.



Excavating equipment from JCB is characterized by high technical performance, which guarantees the execution of the most difficult construction operations. It is widely used in Ukraine for the following purposes:


- when planning the area on the territory of facilities under construction;

- for loading and transporting various materials,

- when preparing trenches and road slopes;

- when dismantling old construction projects.


Useful note: The choice of a specific model of excavator equipment depends on the specifics of the work being carried out and the characteristics of the construction site.

Advantages of purchasing JCB equipment


The models produced by the company are equipped with modern hydraulic control systems and universal mechanisms for quickly changing the working tool. The presented possibilities make it possible to classify the tracked JCB models as an economical technique, which is in demand during the demolition of buildings and, if necessary, the planning of construction sites.


In addition, a number of manufactured models are in demand in organizations engaged in quarrying and working in mining fields. And the possibility of expanding the functionality of excavator equipment (replacing attachments) makes it possible to use it for landscaping and general works.


The presence in the fleet of special equipment of its own wheel loaders like the already considered model "JCB 4CX" brings any owner to a new stage of production activity. A wide selection of modern models allows builders to easily find the right sample, which is optimal for the stated purposes. The purchase of high quality JCB products will enable its future owner to perform the following tasks:


• Loading and transportation of various cargoes and construction waste accumulated after the demolition of old buildings over short distances.

• Backfilling of road embankments during earthworks.

• Moving large volumes of debris accumulated at the construction site.

• Implementation of agricultural and quarrying works.

Forklift trucks


In 1997, JCB changed the concept of forklift units, after which a piece of equipment called Teletruk appeared. This is a classic forklift in which a telescopic boom was installed in place of the vertical mast. The unique design presented by the specialists made it possible to achieve the following results:


• Reduce time costs.

• Reduce the complexity of operations.

• Increase the safety of work at the construction site.

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