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Today, EP Equipment is an international brand present on three continents. The best manufacturer of trucks and warehousing equipment, which is among the top 15 companies worldwide.


Compared to manufacturers such as Clark, Linde or Still - EP technology is more maneuverable, ergonomic and just as effective in terms of performance. The main competitive advantage of EP - there has always been a significant difference in price compared to European counterparts. At the same time - do not forget that EP technology is safe for the environment due to environmentally friendly electric motors that use gel batteries. It is often called - non-service. Let's make the world greener by working together!

The history of the brand dates back to 1993.


It was this year that the company's founder, John Ho, set up production of the first forklifts. Relying on high-quality and inexpensive solutions, the company quickly gained recognition in the Chinese market and began to actively scale its lineup, adapting technology to a wide pool of needs of different markets, areas and their tasks. In 3 years, EP has won a significant share of the market, which allowed the company to make a key decision - to launch its own production of spare parts for forklifts.


The next milestone for the company is 1999, when an important decision was made for a future breakthrough - based on the available vector of market trends in the late 1990s, EP launches its own production of electric forklifts.

On the threshold of the millennium - EP cargo and warehousing equipment was among the top three market leaders in China. And while our neighbors in the leadership position have focused on finding solutions to reduce the cost of their equipment, our brand has set other goals - to become a worthy alternative to the path of European technology and gain recognition around the world.


The first step towards international expansion was the registration of the American division of EP-USA in 2002. At the same time, already in 2003 - the company launches a branch in Jingjiang, specializing in the production of forklifts.

For five years, the US division has simplified the company's logistics issues, allowing it to be more dynamic and mobile on completely new and unexplored continents. Until 2009, the company confidently gained large customers around the world and in the same year - acquired a controlling stake in Big Joe Forklifts, which later served as a serious attempt to establish its large production in the United States. Thus, since 2009, under the legendary logo of the Great Joe, traveled: the body, parts and soul of the Chinese laborer - EP Equipment.

Already in 2011 a new peak was conquered - a full-fledged entry into the European market, according to the same scheme - the opening of its own representative office and warehouse in Belgium, and then production. In 2015, the company expanded its presence in Southeast Asia, opening a representative office in Thailand. Finally, in 2018, a representative office was opened in Germany.

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