Doosan Fault Codes List. Diagnostic trouble codes

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Problem Cause Remedy

All organs do not work. Failure of the hydraulic pump. Talk to

control (loud noise of pumps) to the distributor of the company


Not enough hydraulic Add

oils. hydraulic oil as required.

Suction line clogged or Clean or replace

damaged. if necessary.


All organs do not work Failure of the control pump Refer to

control (pump noise is not audible) of the circuit. distributor of the company


Cut-off failure Replace solenoid.

solenoid valve.

Safety end Adjust clearance

the switch is on. travel stop


Low power of all Insufficient hydraulic Add hydraulic

oil drives. oil as needed.

The vacuum filter is clogged. Clean filter.

Failure of hydraulic pumps. Contact your distributor

Doosan company.

Main unload pressure Contact distributor

oil flow is too low. Doosan company.

Hydraulic pumps Bleed air from

excavator. hydraulic pumps.


Power too low or Relief pressure Relieve pressure.

missing for only one or two functions. overload valve too small.

Fill leaks Clean or replace when

check valve. necessity.

Valve spool defective Replace valve spool.


Dirt in the valve spool. Clear or replace when


Drive failure. Repair or

replace if necessary.

Failure of the cylinder seal. Repair or

replace if necessary.

Cylinder rod damaged. Repair or

replace if necessary.

Remote valve failure Replace the control valve.


Incorrect connection Connect correctly

control lines. control lines.


Oil temperature Defective oil cooler. Contact your distributor

too high. Doosan company.

Fan belt loose. Tighten fan belt

if necessary.



No swing Swing brake valve Replace the brake valve.


Failure of the hydraulics timer. Replace timer.

Low release pressure Adjust pressure.


Swing motor failure. Replace swing motor.

Remote valve failure Replace the control valve.


Incorrect connection Connect correctly

control lines. control lines.

The turn is jerky. Wear of the gearbox of the mechanism Replace the gearbox of the mechanism

turning. turning.

Bearing damaged Replace bearing.

swing mechanism.

Poor lubrication. Add grease.


The battery does not hold Low battery power. Replace batteries.

charge. Alternator belt loose Tighten or replace

or damaged. belt.

Loose or Tighten or replace if

corroded findings. necessity.

Generator malfunction. Repair or

replace if necessary.


Low power Internal short circuit of the battery. Replace battery.

batteries. Short circuit wiring. Renovate.

Engine speed is not Adjustment disk failure Replace adjustment disk

regulated. engine speed. engine speed.

Throttle controller failure. Replace controller.

Speed control failure Repair or

engine. replace if necessary.

Blown fuse. Replace fuse.

Damaged wiring. Repair or

replace if necessary.


12 Indicates the end of one pass through the fault list.

14 ECT sensor input low usually appears if the coolant sensor wire is shorted to ground.

15 ECT sensor input high if the coolant sensor wire is disconnected or wire breakage.

16 ECT coolant temperature too high, measuring excessive temperature or shorted or sitting on ground.

22 Throttle sensor. Input signal wire Input Lo TPS1 is open

23 Throttle valve input sensor TPS1 shorted

24 Throttle sensor sensor TPS. Sensor malfunction

25 Throttle Body Temperature Sensor TPS Sensor Malfunction

26 ETC The ETC sensor supply wire is open or the throttle plate is sticking out inside the throttle body

27 Predicted difference TPS TPS 1 differs from the calculated position

28 ETC early test worked. Throttle spring return error

29 ETC Driver Fault Driver current throttle or driver signals shorted

33 Sensor low signal MAP wire in open circuit or chip open

34 High MAP signal shorted or sensor failure

37 IAT sensor input low, TMAP sensor failure or short circuit

38 IAT sensor input high, TMAP disabled or IAT signal open

42 EST 1. Coil driver low signal low or shorted to positive

43 EST 1. High excitation signal of the coil of high or high current

52 Low engine oil pressure

53 Battery charge sensor input, low battery voltage measured below 8.0 VDC

54 Battery sensor input high battery voltage measured above 15.9 VDC

55 XDRP sensor input sensor low level, below 4.6 VDC

56 Sensor input XDRP sensor high level, above 5.2 VDC

57 The increased engine speed has exceeded the maximum speed setpoint

61 Pedal sensor input 1 Lo APP1 signal disconnected, open circuit or sensor malfunction

62 Pedal sensor input 1 Hi APP1 sensor error or short circuit

63 Pedal sensor range 1 Lo potentiometer APP1

64 Pedal sensor range 1 Hi APP1 potentiometer not working

65 Pedal sensor sensor input Lo APP2 sensor error or short circuit

66 Pedal sensor input 2 Hi APP2 signal disconnected, open circuit or sensor malfunction

67 Pedal sensor range 2 Local malfunction of the potentiometer APP2

68 Pedal sensor range 2 Hi APP2 Potentiometer malfunction

69 Pedal 1. Pedal 2. The difference in the measured signal of the pedal position APP2 differs from APP1

71 AFR Trim Valve Output. FTV Modulation Driver Signal Error

72 Stop valve AFR lower duty cycle FTV at lower limit (LEAN)

73 AFR Trim Valve upper duty cycle DC FTV at the upper (RICH) limit

74 Switching O2 sensor sensor not switching over voltage reference AFR

77 Oxygen sensor input. O2 sensor high signal shorted to +5 VDC

Doosan / Daewoo DH130

Doosan / Daewoo DH170III

Doosan / Daewoo DH220LC

Doosan / Daewoo DH450

Doosan / Daewoo DX140LC

Doosan / Daewoo DX180LC

Doosan / Daewoo DX225LC

Doosan / Daewoo DX255LC

Doosan / Daewoo DX255LCA

Doosan / Daewoo DX300

Doosan / Daewoo DX300LC V

Doosan / Daewoo DX420LC V

Doosan / Daewoo SOLAR 130V

Doosan / Daewoo SOLAR 280LC III

Doosan / Daewoo SOLAR 290V

Doosan / Daewoo SOLAR 330III

Doosan / Daewoo SOLAR 75

Doosan DX140LCR

Doosan DX200A

Doosan DX220A

Doosan DX225LC SLR

Doosan DX225LCA

Doosan DX225NCL

Doosan DX225NLCA

Doosan DX235LCR

Doosan DX235NLC

Doosan DX255LC SLR

Doosan DX260LCA

Doosan DX300LC

Doosan DX300LC SLR

Doosan DX300LC-3

Doosan DX300LCA

Doosan DX340LC

Doosan DX340LC-3

Doosan DX340LCA

Doosan DX380LC

Doosan DX380LC-3

Doosan DX420LC

Doosan DX420LCA

Doosan DX480LC

Doosan DX480LCA-HD

Doosan DX500LCA / 520LCA-HD

Doosan DX520LC

Doosan DX520LC SLR

Doosan DX700LC

Doosan SOLAR 225LC-7

Doosan SOLAR 225NLC-V

Doosan SOLAR 300LC-7

Doosan SOLAR 340LC-V

Doosan SOLAR 500LC-V

An international corporation with a wide range of industries and a network of representative offices around the world. Since acquiring Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery in 2005, Doosan has also focused on the construction equipment market. Then it all started with excavators and wheel loaders. Now the South Korean company Doosan ranks 8th in the world in the production of earthmoving and road construction equipment.

The company's annual turnover is $ 11 billion. As a result of the transformation, Doosan is progressively pursuing a strategy to achieve leadership in its segment. In 2015, it was ranked 10th in the world in the production of construction equipment, and in 2016 it climbed 2 levels higher and took 8th place. Doosan expects to become the world's third largest manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment after Caterpillar and Komatsu, with annual sales of $ 12 billion.


The company's products are excavators, consumer goods, real estate, financial services, IT services, media, retail, industrial equipment and consulting.

In 1977, Daewoo Heavy Industries was established as a division of the South Korean corporation Daewoo. Collaboration with Hitachi launched the production of crawler excavators, which led to the in-house production of the Solar range after 8 years.


Doosan bought Daewoo Heavy Industries in 2005, which allowed it to strengthen its position in the construction equipment market. Since that time, all equipment began to come under the Doosan-Daewoo brand. But in 2007, it was decided to promote the technique only under the Doosan brand.


It is worth noting that Doosan Corporation produces a wide range of products, from food and beverage products to engines, heavy equipment and power plants. The construction equipment is handled by the Doosan Infacore division.


Doosan Infacore is a global corporation with a wide range of industries and a network of representative offices around the world. As noted, the company acquired Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery in 2005, allowing Doosan to enter the construction machinery market. It all started with the release of Doosan excavators and front loaders. At the end of 2010, the South Korean company ranked 6th in the world in the production of earthmoving and road construction equipment.

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