TCM Forklift Service Manual. Wiring diagrams

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FB25-8LB FB25-8v FB30-8v FB35-8s (SEB-7P0BE)

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TCM Gasoline Engine Nissan TB45 Shop Manual Download

TSM Forklift

Company TSM, which created the first ever Japanese loader, currently includes 6 enterprises with 4 of them located in Japan, one in China and one more - in the United States (South Carolina). Its products are known all over the world and are very popular among economical business executives and entrepreneurs who give preference to reliability and quality: with a comparatively low cost, these machines even surpass their branded counterparts in some way.

The range of TCM devices includes loaders and stackers of a wide range of capacities, designed to work with loads weighing up to 30 tons. Model lines of special equipment from TSM, numbering about 170 modifications, according to the type of drive can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • Diesel, which are in predominant demand, with a carrying capacity:

Up to 3.5 tons - multifunctional units, the of which they can lift loads to a height of up to 7 meters; Up to 5 tons - equipped with powerful engines, can transport goods at a speed of up to 20 km / h;

Up to 10 tons - large loads are easily lifted to a height and transported at a speed of up to 30 km / h;

Up to 30 tons - heavy-duty units with a capacity of up to 225 hp.

  • Gasoline - usually made in the "weight category" from 1.5 to 3.5 tons, they can use various options for mounting (forks, grabs, pins, etc.).
  • Electric - machines, the carrying capacity of which belongs to the range from 1 to 3.5 tons. They are very economical in comparison with diesel ones, they have protection against rear wheels skidding and a shortened braking distance. In the lighter version, they are equipped with 3 supports, and in the heavier version - 4.

And according to the purpose and external features, the classification of TCM loaders is as follows:

- forklift

- front-end;

- bucket;

- universal mini-devices.

Forklifts TCM

forklifts are used for lifting, moving and stacking various loads weighing up to 10 tons.

Features Popular TCM forklift models make up the INOMA series. These machines use two-prong forks as working equipment, adapted for lifting and storage. INOMA forklift trucks are distinguished by their simplicity of design, ease of maintenance and long-term trouble-free operation, achieved thanks to the following characteristic elements:

  • Powerful engines with volumes up to 6.5 liters, allowing you to reach maximum speed with a load in just 4.3 seconds;
  • Anti-corrosion protection of the roof of the machine with moisture pipes;
  • High-speed lifting with a speed of at least 390 mm / s;
  • Automatic transmission;
  • Electronic control;
  • One motor braking function;
  • Comfort of the operator's work (improved visibility, ergonomics of the interior of the cab, damping of the noise level);
  • Safe operation - the machine has a safety grill on top, built into the roof.

Front-end loaders

TCM front-end single-bucket loaders are designed not only for lifting loads, but also for digging out, as well as cleaning territories.


The machines are equipped with a working tool front-mounted - a volumetric bucket, as well as:

  • Adaptability to work in winter conditions.
  • Eco-friendly, high-performance powertrain with efficient cooling system.
  • High carrying capacity with relatively fast transport movement.
  • The ability to change attachments to meet any utility, construction and transport needs.
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