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The manufacturer of serious special equipment with the “Made in China” nameplate has long ceased to be synonymous with a low-quality product. I must admit that it was precisely the large Chinese companies with a significant share of state participation that were not actually such.


CHERY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2010. The headquarters are located in the Sanshan Economic Development Zone, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, PRC. The registered capital of the company is RMB 3 billion. Four production bases are located in Wuhu, Nanlin, Taizhou and Kaifeng.


In the future, the company plans to move from Made in China to Made in China. The research team includes 17 professors and engineers. In less than 2 years of existence, the company has received more than 60 patents, 5 of which are invention patents.


Chery Automobile has long and successfully established itself in the car market as a manufacturer of reliable, modern, high-quality cars at a reasonable price. The time has come for other divisions of CHERY GROUP.


In September 2012, agreements were reached to start supplying high-quality special equipment (forklifts, stackers, reach trucks) to the market from Chery Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (Trade mark - CHERY.)

Chery FD15

Counterbalanced forklift manufactured by Chery with a lifting capacity of 1500 kg, an engine power of 30 kW, a weight of 2680 kg.

Chery FD15 specifications:

Load capacity 1500 kg

Load center 500 mm

Maximum lifting height 3000 mm

Dimensions 2285x1070x1955 mm

Wheelbase 1400 mm

Total weight 2680 kg

Engine model NB485BPG

Motor power 30 kW

Fuel tank capacity 45 l

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