8 Largest Tractor Manufacturers

At the moment, more than 7.6 billion people live on Earth. As the population of our planet and the demand for agricultural products grow every day, humanity needs the most advanced multipurpose agricultural machines - tractors.


These 8 largest tractor manufacturers fully satisfy the need of earthlings for this versatile agricultural technology.

Claas tactors

The German engineering company Claas KGaA mbH was founded in 1913.


Claas is one of the world's largest manufacturers of combines and tractors. In 2013, his AXION 850 was ranked among the top five most powerful and efficient tractors in the world.

Features of tractors Claas: now the company has 6 lines: tractors XERION (all-wheel drive), AXION, ARION, AXOS, ELIOS (compact) and NEXOS, which include 50 models from 75 hp. up to 530 HP


Claas tractors are characterized by high tractive power, maneuverability, ease of operation and versatility, therefore they are often used as heavy tugs, as well as construction and municipal special equipment.

Kubota tractors

Kubota is a Japanese company founded in 1890.


The first product that made Kubota famous all over the world was the compact 21HP L200 tractor, which gained wide popularity among consumers in 1972. Today Kubota Corporation is the absolute leader in tractor sales in Asia.

Features of Kubota tractors: now Kubota produces as many as 19 series of tractors with completely different powers and purposes. The most popular are compact. These machines are incredibly maneuverable and can work in very cramped conditions. In doing so, they remain powerful and highly accurate. The main feature of Kubota tractors is their super reliable and extremely economical engines.

Deutz-Fahr tractors

The German manufacturer of agricultural machinery Deutz-Fahr produced its first tractor in 1927. In 1942, the company became the owner of one of the world's first tractor manufacturers, the Lamborghini Trattori. Then she also acquired the Hürlimann brand. The merger gave the corporation the name SDF Group. In 1992, the one millionth Deutz-Fahr tractor rolled off the assembly line of the SDF Group.

Features of Deutz-Fahr tractors: For several years in a row, tractors of the Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini Nitro and SAME brands have been recognized as the best in many European countries.


The main difference of this technique is German reliability, beautiful exterior design, cabin comfort, engine efficiency while maintaining power, and equipping tractors with the most modern highly intelligent functions.

Fendt tractors

Fendt is another well-known German tractor manufacturer. The first tractor under this brand was produced in 1937. The Fendt brand is currently owned by the American company AGCO.

Features of Fendt tractors: Fendt tractors are called agricultural technology ahead of their time. These machines are literally crammed with all kinds of smart abilities that make them easy to manage and operate. Fendt now has 7 tractor series, and the strongest, most economical and expensive model is the 500 hp 1050 Vario.

New Holland

New Holland is an international brand under which exclusively agricultural machinery is produced. It is part of the CNH Industrial group, and belongs to the car manufacturer Fiat.


New Holland is a young brand that appeared in 1984 in Holland.

Features of New Holland tractors: The most popular tractors of the New Holland brand are the Magnum series, which originated in 1987. They are powerful, economical and efficient machines capable of handling large-scale jobs.


New Holland tractors are synonymous with some of the most daring innovations in agricultural technology. It was New Holland who got the world's first hydrogen tractor called NH2. Modern tractors and combines of the New Holland brand are the focus of many patented innovative technologies, for which they have repeatedly received prizes as the most technologically advanced and economical agricultural machines.

Case IH tractors

The Case brand is one of the oldest and most famous in the world under which agricultural and construction equipment is produced. Founded in 1842, it is part of the CNH Industrial group.

Features of Case IH tractors: It was Case in 1892 that became the first company to equip tractors with a diesel engine. And since 1995, positioning systems have appeared on its tractors, which later began to be used by other manufacturers. Since then, Case tractor models have won numerous international awards and have set several Guinness records for being the fastest, most powerful and environmentally friendly machine.

Massey Ferguson tractors

One of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. This Canadian company was founded in 1847. Now owned by the American manufacturer of special equipment AGCO, so today Massey Ferguson is the name of the brand.

Features of Massey Ferguson tractors: Today, more than 5 million tractors, crowned with the Massey Ferguson brand, operate on the fields and roads of our planet.


Massey Ferguson now has a huge range of tractors from 60 hp. up to 200 hp These are some of the most reliable and innovative tractors available today.

John Deere

The slogan “Nothing works like Deere” is the best description of the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. This American company makes the finest machinery for the agriculture, construction and forestry industries.


The production of John Deere tractors began back in 1918. And even then, this company was the first to equip its tractors with high-quality hydraulics and 4- and 6-cylinder engines, endowing them with incredible power and accuracy of work.

Features of John Deere tractors: the comfort of operators of John Deere tractors has literally been raised to a cult, making the cabins of the "Jondir" machines like tiny cozy apartments. These machines are prized for their unrivaled efficiency, precision, economy and comfort.

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