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Beifang Benchi Trucks PDF Workshop Manuals & Service Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalog

Manual and maintenance of heavy truck Be
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Manual and maintenance of heavy truck Be
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Catalogue of spare parts gearbox Beifang Benchi (Nord Benz) ZF Download

Beifang Benchi ND3250S: Specifications,

Injection pump: Bosch, P6P120A720RS7283-1

Turbocharger: Schwitzer, S3A

Clutch: СFX420, dry, single-disk, hydraulic drive with pneumatic booster

Transmission: 5S-111GP, mechanical, nine-speed, fully synchronized, with a divider, number of gears: 9-forward, 1-reverse

Main gear: BEIFAN BENCHI, two-stage bevel gearbox

Steering: ZF8098, screw-nut on circulating balls-rack-toothed sector steering gear, power steering

Braking systems:

working - pneumatic double-circuit drive separately to the front wheel brakes and rear bogie axles, brake mechanisms of all wheels - drum type; ABS

parking - drive from spring brake accumulators to the brakes of the rear bogie axles

spare - one of the circuits of the working brake system

engine brake retarder

Beifang Benchi is a brand of Chinese dump trucks. They are made according to the model of German Mercedes trucks. Previously, components were supplied from Germany. Now that the agreement has expired, all components are manufactured in China.


  Beifang Benchi trucks are designed for different types of work. The model range also includes truck tractors. Beifang Benchi dump trucks are the most popular heavy duty vehicles in China. The price and quality of products are distinguished by an optimal ratio. Reasonable prices were achieved thanks to the reliable design and the absence of unnecessary parts. The dump truck dashboard looks simple, including only the most necessary options. The cars are characterized by sufficient power and amazing traction, even when the body is fully loaded. They have a mechanical, synchronized, 9-speed gearbox. The fuel system has well-known brands, but is manufactured in China.


  To identify fake Beifang Benchi parts, you need to know a few rules. The packaging of the originals is of high quality, cardboard and polyethylene of good density, the inscriptions are clear, there is a sticker with the original part number, the country of production (China) is indicated. The packaging is of poor quality forgeries, the inscriptions are shortened, and may be unclear and with grammatical errors.

It is no secret that the design of most Chinese trucks is borrowed from the world's leading manufacturers. Looking at the cabins from a distance, one can even doubt whether a MAN or Mercedes is 10 years old and is driving around the corner. For example, the Shaanxi cabin is a Chinese version of the MAN F-2000, and the name of the Beifang Benchi brand itself contains a direct mention of which Western auto giant's technologies were used by Chinese designers: Beifang Benchi is translated from Chinese as "North Benz". The cabs of the trucks may have lagged behind the European time by 10-20 years (copying the previous versions of European technology, which were already taken out of production by the "Germans" for a long time;), but at the same time they conquer unpretentious Russian drivers with their simple simplicity.


The engines of the presented dump trucks and tractors Beifang Benchi comply with Euro-3 standards, and they are also made according to European technologies - the well-known Austrian manufacturer Strayer.


Chinese dump truck Beifang Benchi Beifang Benchi ND3250 with a wheel arrangement of 6x4 is a typical pop song for the current market of road construction equipment. Simple and comfortable all-metal cab, similar to the old Mercedes Benz 2628. Diesel engine with a capacity of 360 horsepower (9.7 liters) complies with the Euro-3 standard. Extremely robust frame based on double nested metal profiles and pressed in one pass. The useful dimensions of the body are 5.6 meters long, 2.3 meters wide, and 1.5 meters high. Bottom thickness - 8 mm. In other words, the Beifang Benchi dump truck is a typical construction workhorse. At a reasonable price and, which is important for the current state of the market, with minimal delivery times.

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