Komatsu Service Manuals, Fault Codes. Wiring Diagrams

Komatsu Backhoe-Loader

KomatsuBackhoe-Loader WB93R-5, WB97R-5 WorkshopManuals Download

Backhoe-Loader WB91-93_M_WEAM002304_WB91R_WB93R-2 Download

Backhoe-Loader WB91-93_S_webm000404_wb91_93r-2 Download

Backhoe-Loader WB93R-5_M_WEAM006000WB93R-5 Download

Backhoe-Loader WB93R-5_S_WEBM005800WB93R-5 Download

Backhoe-Loader WB97R-5_S Download

Backhoe-Loader WB97S-2_M_WEAM000704_WB97S-2 Download

Backhoe-Loader WB97S-2_S Download

Backhoe-Loader WB97S-5_S Download

Komatsu Bulldozers

KomatsuD155A-1_S_SEBM0170A07R_0403 Download

KomatsuD155AX-5_M_EEAM020802_D155AX-5 Download

KomatsuD155AX-5_S_SEBM016204_%20D155AX-5_0407 Download

KomatsuD155AX-5_S_SEBM016205_D155AX-5_0407 Download

KomatsuD155AX-6_S_SEN00596-02 Download

KomatsuD155AX-6-_M_0602 Download

KomatsuD155AX-76UP_M_EEAM020802_D155AX-5 Download

KomatsuD37PX-21_M_EEAM024300_D31_37_39_EX_PX_21_0509 Download

KomatsuD37PX-21_S_SEBM025607 Download

KomatsuD55S_3_S_BE2 Download

KomatsuD65EX,PX-15_69UP_M Download

Komatsud65ex15 shopmanual Download

KomatsuD65PX-12_M_SEAD001202 Download

KomatsuD68-E8_M_0107154637_001 Download

KomatsuD85EX-15_M_EEAM022804_D85EX_PX-15_0509 Download

KomatsuBulldozer D65E,P-12 D65EX,PX-12 ShopManual Download

KomatsuD155AX-5 Bulldozers ServiceRepairManuals Download

KOMATSUD355A-3 ServiceManual Download

Komatsu shopManuald155ax6. Download

Komatsu shopManuald85ex15 tier2. Download

Komatsu Dump Truck Service Manual

KomatsuGaleo HM300-2 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuGaleo HM350-1 Dump Truck ShopManual Download

KomatsuHD320, 325-3 Dump Truck ShopManual Download

KomatsuHD785-7 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuHM400 RepairManual Download

Komatsu Engine & Transmissions

KomatsuEngine D155_S_ENGINE_SEBM022209_140-3%20SERIES_0410 Download

KomatsuEngine FAI_80_P_Transmission80DT Download

KomatsuEngine FAIP axle Download

KomatsuEngine FAI226_P_1 Download

KomatsuEngine FAI226_P Download

KOMATSU155 4-series diesel engine ServiceManual Download

Komatsu6D170 diesel engine ServiceManual Download

KomatsuM11 Series Engines ShopManual Download

KomatsuS4D102E-1S_ engine ServiceManual Download

KomatsuS4D106S_WEBMTNV000 engine ServiceManual Download

KomatsuS6D108S_SEBE62210104_ENGINES_108_1_0504 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuS6D170E-1S_SEBES6161000 engine ServiceManual Download

KomatsuSA6D102E-1 Transmissions engine ServiceManual Download

KomatsuSA6D102E-1S Transmissions engine ServiceManual Download

KomatsuSA6D125-2 Transmissions engine ServiceManual Download

Komatsu Excavator Technical Documentation Download PDF

Instructions for installing a Graco automaticlubrication system on a Komatsu PC210-11, PC490-11Excavator Download

KomatsuExcavator PC340, PC340LC-6K, PC340NLC-6k ShopManual Download

KomatsuExcavator Galeo PC110R-1 Hydraulic Excavator Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator Galeo PC14R-2 Hydraulic Excavator Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator Galeo PC14R-2 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator Galeo PC16R-2 Hydraulic Excavator Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator Galeo PC20MR-2 Hydraulic ExcavatorOperation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator Galeo PC27MR-2, PC35MR-2 Hydraulic ExcavatorOperation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator Galeo PC30MR-2, PC35MR-2 Hydraulic ExcavatorOperation & Maintenance Manual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC12R-8, PC12R-8 HS, PC15R-8, PC15R-8 HS HydraulicExcavator Service Manual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC12R-8, PC15R-8 Hydraulic Excavator ShopManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC130-6K, PC150LGP-6K HydraulicExcavator ServiceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC130-6K, PC150LGP-6K HydraulicExcavator ShopManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC130-7 HydraulicExcavator ServiceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC138US Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC138USLC Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC160-6K, PC180LC-6K, PC180NLC-6K, PC200EN-6K, PC200EL-6K HydraulicExcavator ServiceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC160-6K, PC180LC, PC180NLC-6KHydraulic ExcavatorService Manual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC180LC-3K, PC180LLC-3K, PC180NLC-3K Hydraulic ExcavatorParts Book Download

KomatsuExcavator PC200,200LC-6, PC210,210LC-6 mighty, pc220, PC220LC – 6, PC230, PC230LC-6 mighty HydraulicExcavator ServiceManuals Download

KomatsuExcavator PC20R-8, PC27R-8 Hydraulic ExcavatorOperation & Maintenance ManualWEBM000201 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC20R-8, PC27R-8 HydraulicExcavator Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC210, 210LC-6K PC240LC, PC240NLC-6K Hydraulic ExcavatorService Manual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC210, 210LC, 210NLC, PC240LC, 240NLC-7K Hydraulic ExcavatorService Manual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC210, PC210LC-6K, PC240, PC240LC, PC240NLC-6k HydraulicExcavator ServiceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC25-1PC30-7 Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC27MR-2,PC30MR-2, PC35MR-2, PC50MR-2 – Parts & ServiceManuals Download

KomatsuExcavator PC27R-8 Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC27R-8 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC30-7 Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC350LC-8 Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC350NLC-8 Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC40-7 Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC45-1 Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC600 – Brochure Download

KomatsuExcavator PC800-8, PC800LC-8 HydraulicExcavator Download

KomatsuExcavator PW130ES-6K Hydraulic Excavator ShopManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC05_P_filters Download

KomatsuExcavator PC05_P_track_idler Download

KomatsuExcavator PC210-240M_EEAM006011_PC210-240_6K Download

KomatsuExcavator PC210-240M_UEAM001704_PC210_PC230PC240-7K_0310 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC210-240M_UEAM003900_PC210_PC230PC240-7K_0406 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC210-240-7K_MUEAM001704_PC210_PC230_PC240-7K0310 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC210-240 8K_MUEAM004904_PC210_LCNLC_PC230NHD PC240LC NLC-8_0609 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC240-6K_S_eebm000505 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC240-8K_M_UEAM004904_PC210_LC_NLC_PC230NHDPC240LC_NLC-8_0609 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC240-8K_SUEN00084_01_PC210-230-240-8_0603 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC290_290LC-8_S Download

KomatsuExcavator PC290_M_UEAM001603_PC290-7K_0310 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC290_M_UEAM004000_PC290LC_NLC_7_0412  Download

KomatsuExcavator PC290-6K_ServiceManual Download

KomatsuExcavator PC290LC_NLC-6K_M_0606 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC340_M_UEAM001505_PC340_LC_%20NLC_7K_0408 Download

KomatsuExcavator pc340-6 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC340-6K_M_eeam008000 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC340-6K_S_eebm000804_pc340-LC-NLC-6k Download

KomatsuExcavator PC340NLC-7K_S_0408 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC340NLCD_P_UEPB005302reduced Download

KomatsuExcavator PC450_LC_LCD-8_M_0703 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC450-6_S_30000UP_SEBM014508 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC450-6_S_32000UP_SEBM014508 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC450LC-6_M_0609 Download

KomatsuExcavator PC600LC-8_M Download

KomatsuExcavator PC650-5_S_SEBM000607 Download

KomatsuExcavator pc800 field assembly Download

KomatsuExcavator PW130_S_UEBM001201_PW130ES-6k Download

KomatsuExcavator PW130ES-6K_35000UP_M_0310 Download

KomatsuExcavator PW150_M_UEAM000106_PW150ES-6K_0310 Download

KomatsuExcavator PW160_M_UEAM003201_PC160-7_0411 Download

KomatsuExcavator PW160-7E0_S_CSS-Net_2007-05-04 Download

KomatsuExcavator PW160-7H_M_CSS-NET_2006-07 Download

KomatsuExcavator PW160-7K_S_0411 Download

KomatsuExcavator PW170_M_UEAM000502_PW170ES-6K Download

KomatsuExcavator PW170_S_UEBM000801_PW170ES-6K Download

KomatsuExcavator PW180-7E0_S_CSS-NET_23-01-2007 Download

KomatsuExcavator PW200-7K_M_UEAM003700_PW200_PW220-7K_0406 Download

KomatsuExcavator shop manual pc800-8 Download

KomatsuExcavator shop manual pw160-7 german Download

KomatsuExcavator shop manual_PC340LC_340NLC-7_0605 Download

KomatsuExcavator shop manual_PC340LC_PC340NLC-7K40000 Download

Instructions for installing a Graco automatic lubrication system on aKomatsu PC210-11, PC490-11Excavator Download

KOMATSU155 4-series diesel engine Service Manual Download

Komatsu6D170 ServiceManual Download

KOMATSUD355A-3 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuGaleo HM300-2 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuGaleo PC14R-2 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuHD785-7 ServiceManual Download

KomatsuHM400 Manual Download

KomatsuPC138US Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuPC138USLC Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuPC25-1 Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuThe GoldBook Download

Komatsu Spare Parts Catalog Download PDF

KomatsuPC05-6F HydraulicExcavator – PartsCatalog Download

KomatsuPC05-6F_P_engine parts catalog Download

KomatsuPC180_P_3 PartsBook Download

KomatsuPC180_P_32 PartsBook Download

KomatsuPC180LC-3K, PC180LLC-3K, PC180NLC-3K Hydraulic Excavator – PartsBook Download

KomatsuPC180LC-3K, PC180LLC-3K, PC180NLC-3K Hydraulic Excavator PartsBook Download

KomatsuPC210-3_P_ Final Drive PartsBook Download

KomatsuPC210-3KP, PC210LC-3KP, PC240-3KP, PC240LC-3KP, PC240NLC-3KP Hydraulic  ExcavatorPartsBook Download

KomatsuPCparts recommended Download

Komatsupublication list Download

KomatsuQRL2 CrawlerExcavators Download

KomatsuThe GoldBook ofKomatsu Download

Komatsu Skid Steer  Technical Documentation

KomatsuSkid SteerSK1020M WEAM005205SK1020-5%20turbo Download

KomatsuSkid SteerSK714M WEAM003300SK714-5 Download

KomatsuSkid SteerSK714M WEAM003301SK714-5 Download

KomatsuSkid SteerSK714-815S_WEBM003400_sk714_sk815-5 Download

KomatsuSkid SteerSK714-815S WEBM005500 SK714 SK815_SK815-5%20turbo Download

KomatsuSkid SteerSK818M WEAM004502_SK818-5 Download

KomatsuSkid SteerSK818-820S WEBM005000_SK818_SK820-5%20turbo Download

KomatsuSkid SteerSK820TM WEAM005102_SK820-5%20turbo Download

Komatsu Telescopic Handler Technical Documentation

KomatsuWH716-1_S Telescopic Handler ElectricalWiringDiagrams Download

KomatsuWH609-716_M_WEAM005900_WH6_WH7 Download

KomatsuWH609-716_S Download

KomatsuWH716_hydraulic pump_P_0221132337_001 Download

Komatsu Wheel Loaders Technical Documentation

KomatsuWA200-5H,WA250-5H, WA320-5H Tractor ServiceRepairManuals Download

KomatsuWA480, 470, 400, 380-5H WheelLoader ServiceRepairManual Download

KomatsuWA500-6H Operation & MaintenanceManual Download

KomatsuWA250_M_VEAM290100_WA250PT-5 Download

KomatsuWA250_S_VEBM230102_WA250-5 Download

KomatsuWA320-5_M_50051UP_0311 Download

KomatsuWA320-5_S_VEBM240100_0312 Download

KomatsuWA380-5H_M_VEAM920100_WA380-5 Download

KomatsuWA380-6_S_CSS-NET_2007-04-04 Download

KomatsuWA380-6H__M_Gb_2006-07 Download

KomatsuWA470-5_S_VEBM180101_WA470_480-5 Download

KomatsuWA470-6_M_2006-10 Download

KomatsuWA500-6H_M_book_2006-05 Download

KomatsuWA600-6_M_0701 Download

KomatsuWA600-6_S_SEN00235-05 Download

KomatsuWA70-5__M_0410 Download

KomatsuWA90-5_M_GB_2006-11 Download

KomatsuWA95_M_VEAM980500_WA95-3 Download

Komatsu Ltd. Is a Japanese engineering company founded in 1921 by Meitaro Takeyuchi. Komatsu is currently the world leader in the production of construction and mining equipment.


In 1921, Komatsu was founded as a small machinery repair workshop in Komatsu on the west coast of Japan by entrepreneur Meitaro Takeuchi. This was preceded by the organization in 1917 of the Komatsu Iron works Division to manufacture coal and mining equipment. For this, engineers, focusing on the international level, have been trained in Europe and the USA. The company was founded on May 13, 1921, when Komatsu Iron Works separated from Takeuchi Mining Co. and became Komatsu Ltd.


The main activity that has brought recognition to the Komatsu brand is the production of construction equipment, machinery for the mining industry, industrial equipment and electronics. In addition, the company's area of interest includes construction, real estate and cargo transportation. Today, the Komatsu Group includes 182 companies focused on the production of high-quality components and equipment for the mining industry, construction organizations and logistics centers.


As the demands of consumers around the world become more diversified, Komatsu is building its strategy for global markets taking into account a variety of factors, developing the global structure of the Komatsu Group operating under a single leadership.


Komatsu management is guided by five principles:


Adhere to safety, do not harm the environment, innovativeness of the offered goods and services.


Use the latest technological and management methods


Think and act on a global scale, strive to strengthen its position in the world market


Be attentive to the requests of small buyers as well as large ones


Empower employees to develop initiatives

Forklift Komatsu FD25T-17

The forklift has the following dimensions: its length extends to 3655 mm (with standard forks), the width on the tires fits into 1150 mm, and the total height does not exceed 2110 mm. The distance between the pairs of wheels of the car has a base of 1650 mm, its ground clearance under the mast is 115 mm, and the smallest turning radius is 2240 mm. The operating weight of the "Japanese" is from 3680 to 3720 kg, depending on the modification, and its rated carrying capacity does not exceed 2500 kg. At full load, the front axle of the loader presses 5475-5495 kg, and on the rear axle - 705-725 kg. The Komatsu FD25T-17 is powered by a liquid-cooled, in-line, four-cylinder Komatsu 4D94LE diesel engine with a displacement of 3.1 liters (3052 cc), direct fuel technology, electronic start and a forced lubrication system with a trochoid pump that produces 46.5 horsepower (34.2 kW) at 2200 rpm and 162 Nm of available potential at 1500 rpm. It performs its duties in conjunction with a hydromechanical gearbox and the drive wheels of the rear axle. When driving at full load, the front loader can reach speeds of up to 18.5 km / h, and without it it goes a little faster - up to 19 km / h. For every hour of operation, it "digests" about 2 liters of fuel (the final value depends on the amount of cargo). The skeleton of the Komatsu FD25T-17 is a frame structure made of high-strength steel grades, on which all the main units and assemblies are located (and among them is the cab, installed using a mechanical suspension). The vehicle is equipped with a pneumatic chassis with 7.00-12-12PR and 6.00-9-10PR tires on the front and rear axles, respectively. In addition, the forklift is equipped with all-wheel disc brakes floating in oil, a hydraulic booster steering system and a 58-liter fuel tank.

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