Toyota Forklift Service Repair Manuals, EWD, DTC, Free Download

Toyota Forklift  Service & Repair Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, DTC, free Download PDF

Repair Manual, Manual de Reparaciones, Reparaturanleitung, Manuel D'atelier.

Toyota Forklift 7FB(H) 10-35 Service Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 5FBRE10, 14, 16 & 5FBR10,13,15, 18 Download

Toyota Forklift FBMF16, 20, 25, 30 Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift Engine 11Z, 12Z, 13Z, 14Z Motor PDF Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 8FG(D)U15-32, 8FGCU20-32 Wiring Diagrams Download

Toyota Forklift Engine 4Y 4Y-M 4Y-E Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift FBMF 16-30 Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 4FG10, 14, 15 FG18, 23, 28 Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 3FG20, 25 2FG30 Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 3FD10-30 FD18 23 28 Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 6FB10, 14, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 Repair Manual Download

Toyota 7FG 10, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 Repair Manual Download

Toyota 7FD 10, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 Repair Manual Download

Toyota 7FGK 20, 25, 30 7FGJ 35 Repair Manual Download

Toyota 7FDK 20, 25, 30 7FDJ 35 Repair Manual Download

Toyota 8FBN15, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30 50-8FBN15-20 Repair Manual Download

Toyota 6FBN10, 14, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 Repair Manual Download

Toyota 1dz-Ii Engine Repair Manual Ce618-1 Download

Toyota 7FGF 7FDF 15, 18, 20, 25, 30  7FGJF 35 7FDJF 35 Repair Manual Download

Toyota 8FBE10, 13, 15, 18, 20. Repair Manual Download

Toyota 50-8FD35N, 40N, 45N, 50N Parts Catalog Service Manual Download

Toyota 50-8FD6N, 70N, 80N, Parts Catalog Service Manual Download

Toyota 50-8FDM40N, Parts Catalog Service Manual Download

Toyota 7BRU18, 7BRU23, 7BDRU15 Service Manual Download

Toyota 7BSU20, 7BSU25 Service Manual Download

Toyota Engine 2Z Repair Manual Download

Toyota Electric Forklift 7FBCU 15-55 Service Repair Manuals Download

Toyota Electric Forklift Trucks 7FBMF 16/ 18/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 35/ 40/ 45/ 50 Service Manual Download

Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 7FBE10~20 series Service Repair Manual Download

Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBCU20~32/8FBCHU25 Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 5-, 6-, 7-Series LPG Service Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 50-4FD100~135, 50-4FDK150, 160 Service Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 5FG/5FD33~45 series Service Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 5FG10-30/5FD70-30 series Service Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 5FGC/5FDC18-30 Service Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 6FD18 Service Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 6FG/6FD10-30 Service Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 7FGU/7FGU35~80 series, 7FGCU35~70 series Service Repair Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 7HBW30-7TB50 Service Manual Download

Toyota Forklift 8FG/8FD Operator Manual [rus] Download

Toyota Forklift 8FG(D)U15-32/ 8FGCU20-32 Wiring Diagram Download

Toyota Forklift 8FG(D)U15-32, 8FGCU20-32 Electrical System Troubleshooting. Download

Toyota Forklift 8FGCU15, 18, SU20 Wiring Diagram Download

Toyota Forklift FBMF 16-30 Workshop Repair Manual Download

Toyota forklift operators manual Download

Toyota Industrial Equipment list Download

Toyota Pallet Trucks 6HBW30-6TB50 Service Manual Download

Toyota Pallet Trucks 8HBW30, 8HBE30, 8HBE40, 8HBC30, 8HBC40, 8TB50 Service Manual Download

Toyota Forklift Error Codes List

Toyota Forklift Error Codes List pdf Download

Toyota Forklift 8FD/FG series Error Codes Download

Toyota Forklift fault (error) codes - List Of Diagnosis Codes 1 Download

Toyota Forklift fault (error) codes - List Of Diagnosis Codes 2 Download

Toyota Forklift fault (error) codes - List Of Diagnosis Codes 3 Download

Toyota Forklift fault (error) codes - List Of Diagnosis Codes 4 Download

Toyota Forklift fault (error) codes - List Of Diagnosis Codes 5 Download

Toyota Forklift fault (error) codes - List Of Diagnosis Codes 6 Download

Toyota forklifts.

Loading and unloading goods on pallets, moving them to a warehouse, stacking, and a number of other tasks are unthinkable without the use of mechanisms, in particular, forklifts. Toyota offers a large selection of such equipment, which have won true recognition all over the world thanks to the advanced technologies used in the production of these cars, reliability, excellent performance, and comfort. A wide range of loaders, the ability to choose the type of engine, allow you to choose exactly the model that most closely matches the specific requirements of the customer.


Scope of forklifts Forklifts are used in warehouses and adjacent territories, at railway stations and ports, customs terminals, in retail chains, in industry, agriculture, wherever cargo movement is required. Load or unload transport, distribute the cargo to storage areas, many other works are performed with the help of these self-propelled mechanisms. Toyota produces a large number of models. Knowing the decoding of the model designation, you can find out its basic data. The first digit of the designation is the generation of this series.

The following two letters of the marking indicate:

FD - diesel engine.

FB - electric.

FG - gasoline or gas engine.


The last 2 or 3 digits multiplied by 100 give the lifting capacity in kilograms. Other letters can specify the modification, for example, "C" means the use of cast wheels instead of pneumatic ones, "K" - a compact chassis, "E" - tricycle, etc.

Toyota Diesel Forklifts

One of the most popular engines available for forklift trucks is the diesel engine. Toyota uses motors specially designed for this type of technology, which are economical, low noise and vibration levels, and low toxicity. The manufacturer selects the optimal engine for each model. Diesel engines are distinguished by their power, low fuel consumption.


 The following diesel engine models are currently used: 1DZ-III, 2Z, 3Z, 15Z, N04C.


The Tonero series includes 7 models with different lifting capacities. You can choose one of several cab options that best suits the conditions of the intended operation.


The 7FD series is designed for intensive use. Consists of 4 models.

The 5FD series is a 3-model series of highly efficient powerful machines.


Features of operation

The main place of work of forklifts equipped with diesel, as well as gas-petrol, engines - open areas. Toyota develops engines, taking into account the design of the machines on which they will be installed, the specifics and working conditions. Much attention is paid to the toxicity of exhaust gases. The installed filters allow, if necessary, the use of these machines also indoors, for example, in warehouses. Taking into account the global trend to improve the comfort of the operator's workplace, Toyota forklifts make the operation of these mechanisms as convenient as possible. Vibration protection, comfortable adjustable seat and steering wheel, joystick controls, heating systems in closed cabins all contribute to less fatigue and better work quality.


It is no secret that in a number of cases, the use of equipment, in particular, forklifts equipped with traditional engines, is undesirable or unacceptable, for example, when working in a small enclosed space, in a carriage, container, in a workshop, especially where food products are produced. For these purposes, there are forklifts driven by an electric motor.


Such loaders are of two types, differ in the layout of the undercarriage:

Three-bearing. The rear axle consists of one wheel or two, but not located at the edges, but closer to the longitudinal axis of the loader. This arrangement significantly improves maneuverability, allowing for a smaller turning radius, but reduces the lateral stability of the machine. The place of work of such equipment is platforms with a flat horizontal surface. Carrying capacity - up to 2 tons.

Four-bearing. Classic layout with wheels located at the corners of the loader. Their maneuverability is lower, but the indicators of carrying capacity, speed, productivity are higher. They are less at risk of toppling over. Carrying capacity - up to 8.5 tons.

The Traigo 24 series are 3 models of the smallest loader available for both indoor and outdoor use. With this in mind, you can choose the most suitable cab. Thanks to their maneuverability, three-wheel loaders can be used in the most confined conditions of warehouses, wagons, car bodies, etc. The Traigo 48 series, in addition to using 48V batteries, has 6 3-pole and 4 4-pole models. A feature of the tricycle is the use of a double wheel on the rear axle, which retains maneuverability, but increases the resistance to overturning in the lateral direction. Two models, 8FBEKT16 and 8FBEKT16, are more compact versions of the 8FBET16 and 8FBET16 with a reduced turning radius.


Traigo 80 Series - have 80 volt rechargeable batteries and are suitable for use in harsh environments. It is a high performance loader for intensive work.


The Traigo HT Series has the fastest lifting speeds, outperforming the competition. The 3 models included in the series are designed for active use, due to their characteristics, they have high productivity.

The 7FBCU and 8FBCU series are compact models featuring a narrow and short chassis. These trucks have small wheels with solid tires. Their compact size and maneuverability make them convenient when working in tight aisles between warehouse racks, as well as in other situations where a combination of a small loader size with the ability to handle loads of several tons is required.

Forklift Toyota 7FBCU
Forklift Toyota 7FBCU


Toyota uses gasoline engines on its forklifts, as well as models retrofitted with a gas system, which allow the use of this natural fuel. Among the advantages of these motors are high power, low noise and vibration load, "clean" exhaust, efficiency and availability of spare parts. The following engine models are used: 4Y, 1FS, 1FZ-E, 5K. They are designed to work both on gasoline and on gas with the appropriate equipment.

Tonero, 7FG and 5FG series are similar to those previously described, differing only in the type of engine used. The 7FGCU and 8FGCU series are the same as the 7FBCU and 8FBCU series, with the exception that LPG engines are used and meet the Euro 4 exhaust emission requirements, which makes these machines suitable for indoor use.


Replaceable gas cylinders can be used to power the engine. Like other models, the SAS system is used, other functions and devices familiar to the products of this manufacturer. Traditionally, much attention has been paid to the comfort and ergonomics of the workplace.

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