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Mack Truck Service Repair Manuals, Electrical Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalog, Fault Codes list

1995 Mack CH Series Operator’s Handbook re-issue 2008 Download

2000 MaintenanceLubrication, Mack Dielsel, Operator’sManual, CHU, CXU, GU, TDpublished 1999 Download

2001 MaintenanceLubrication Operator’sManual Download

2002 MaintenanceLubrication Operator’sManual Download

2005 MaintenanceLubrication Operator’sManual Download

2006 MaintenanceLubrication Operator’sManual Download

2007 MaintenanceLubrication Manual Download

2009 MackGranite eries (GU) Operator’sManual Download

2009 MackTerraPro Series LEU Series Operator’sManual Download

2010 Electronic V-MAC IV VehicleMgmt,Control w-Co-PilotDisplay Operator’sManual Download

2010 MackNatural Gas MRU,LEU Operator’s Manual Download

2010 MackTerraPro Series (LEU Series) Operator’sManual Download

2010 US Mack Granite Series (GU Series) Operator’sManual Download

2010 US Mack Pinnacle Series (CHU Series) Operator’sManual Download

2010 US Mack Pinnacle Series (CXU Series) Operator’sManual Download

2010 US Titan by Mack (TD700 Series) Operator’sManual Download

Addendum, MACK Conventional, CHU,CXU,GU,TD Download

AirConditioning SystemService Manual. Includes US 07 MackChassis, GU (Granite Series), CHU & CXU (Pinnacle Series), MRU & LEU (Terra Pro Series) Download

Mack Drivers Handbook, Addendum, MACKTrucks, CHU, CXU, GU, LEU, MRU, TD Download

Mack Electronic V-MAC IV Vehicle Mgmt. & Control with Co-Pilot DisplayOperator Manual Download

Mack Audio SystemEnglish, French, Spanish Operating Instructions Download

Mack AustraliaRight Hand DriveOperator Manual 2010, CMM, CMH, CLX, CXX,CSM Download

Mack Australia RightHand Drive OperatorManual, 2012, CMM, CMH, CLX, CXX, CSM Download

Mack Cab & Body Service RepairManual Download

Mack CHSeries Operator’s Handbook re-issue 2008 Download

Mack CHN Series OperatorsHandbook Download

Mack Class 8 Service BulletinList Download

Mack DM, DMM Series Operators Handbook. 2000 Download

Mack Highway Download

Mack MP8 Supplement Al Manual Service Download

Mack Pinnacle (CXU) Operator’s Handbook Download

Mack Pinnacle Download

Mack PTO & Pumps ServiceManual Download

Mack Terra Pro TM MRU Series Operator’sHandbook Download

Mack Brake RepairManual Download

Mack Frame ServiceManual Download

Mack ServiceManual – DTCs, MRU, LEU Download

Mack Suspension & Steering ServiceManual Download

Mack Engines Service Manuals Free PDF Download 

2010 Emission Control Systems MackClass 8 Diesel Engine Warranty Book MP7-8-10 Download

2010 Maintenance Lubrication MP7, MP8, MP10 EnginesOperator’sManual Download

Catalog Mack Engine Parts Download

Emission Control Systems For Mack Class 8 Diesel Engines WarrantyHandbook Download

FP Diesel Mack Engines – catalog No.CA0060 Download

Mack ASET AC Diesel Engine ServiceManual – for engine with EGR Download

Mack E-Tech Engine ServiceManual Download

Mack E7 Engine OverhaulManual Download

Mack E7 PLN Engine ServiceManual (5-101) Download

Mack Engines Oil Filters Download

Mack MP EngineSeries MP7 & MP8 Download

Mack MP7-MP8 Engine – Sensors 2010 Download

Mack MP7, MP8, and MP10 Engines – BodyManuals Download

Mack MP7, MP8, and MP10 Engines – Maintenance, Lubrication PDF Manual Download

Mack MP7,MP8,MP10 EnginesOverhaul Part Numbers Reference Guide Vol 16013B Download

Mack MP8Diesel Engine ServiceManual (’07 Emissions Regulations) Download

Mack Mp8Diesel Engine ServiceManual (Euro 4) Download

Mack MP8Engine Sensor Locations – PDF Manual Download

Mack MP8Engine Service RepairManual Download

Mack MP8Valves and Engine Injectors, AdjustmentManual Download

Mack T675A Engine Brakes PartsManual Download

Mack Error Codes List

2007 Emissions Standard Fault CodeManual Download

Fault Code Manual  VMAC IV MID 144 Codes Download

Fault Code Manual  VMAC IV OBD 2013, Model 2014 newer Download

Fault Code Manual  VMAC IV, Model Year 2011-2013 Download

Mack Service Manual – Trucks Engine Control Module (ECM), DiagnosticTroubleCode (DTC), Guide CHU, CXU, GU, TD Download

Mack Electrical Wiring Diagrams

1985 MACK R600 WiringHarness Or Diagram Download

1985 MACK R600 WiringHarnessDiagram Download

MACK 2015 US13 Conventional MACK v5 Electrical WiringDiagrams Download

Mack Conventional with Natural Gas – WiringDiagrams Download

Mack CV 713 ecm engine wiringdiagram Download

Mack Electrical WiringDiagrams PDF Download

Mack GU NYC – WiringDiagrams Download

Mack LR NYC – WiringDiagrams Download

Mack Transmision t310 serviceManual Download

Mack TruckElectrical Troubleshooting & Electronic Diagnostics PDF Manual Download

Mack TruckWiring Diagram Download

Mack Vmac-III e7 Etech Wiring Schematic and Diagrams Download








Transmission Service Manual Free Download

Mack Transmission ServiceManual Download

Mack Transmission T313–T318(L)(LR)(21)(L21)(LR21) ServiceManual Download

Mack is one of the most renowned truck manufacturers in the UnitedStates of America. She was among the first to start producing such machines. However, despite this, Mack cars were more popular in Europe, and in America they were far from the championship. The history of this company, originally called Mack Bros. Motor Cars Company, began in the early 19th century.


In 1891, the brothers McJohn and Augustus buy the Fallesen Berry automobile factory in Brooklyn and decide to convert the van factory into motor carriages. In 1894, their third brother, William, owner of a mechanical plant in Scranton, joined them with his capital. In 1901, commissioned by Harris and McGuire, a New York excursion company, the factory produced the first 40-horsepower Mack® bus.

In the same year, 1901, the company started producing trucks under the Manhattan brand.

Since 1905, the company decided to produce all automotive products under the Mack brand. In Allentown, Pennsylvania, the first major production facility for the Mack Brothers Motor Car Company is under construction.

From 1905 to 1930, Mack manufactures petrol-powered railway locomotives. In 1906, the Mack Brothers Manufacturing Company was formed to assemble and repair excursion buses.


In 1909, the Mack company began production of light trucks "one and a half" left-hand drive (Junior) and right-hand drive (Senior).

Since 1910, the entire Manhattan range has been renamed Mack. In the same year, the company opened dealerships and service centers throughout the state of Massachusetts to sell and service its equipment.


At the end of 1910, the company's factories begin to produce Mack AB cars, which are used as freight and urban transport. The Mack AB was discontinued in 1937. By this time, about 55 thousand cars of the AB series were produced. From 1916 to 1939, Mack produced AC series vehicles that quickly gained popularity in the US Army due to their reliability, versatility and high cross-country ability, and for the first time they received the nickname “Bulldog” from soldiers for their characteristic hood shape and power. The nickname stuck so firmly to the truck that it was adopted by the company from June 1921, steel stamped plates with the image of a bulldog began to adorn the hood of the truck. The emblem depicted a bulldog  ripping open the Hauling Costs book. 

Since 1922, the hood figurine has become the official symbol of Mack trucks. During the First World War, Mack AC trucks are supplied in large quantities for the British Army, 4470 units are sent to France to help the US Army foot soldiers. In 1927, the production of trucks of the BJ and BB series begins, capable of reaching high speeds with increased payload. By 1941, 15 thousand units of these models were produced.

1929 to 1944, Mack produced 2,600 single and double axle trailers and semi-trailers.

In 1936, the new versatile Mack E series with a lifting capacity of 10 tons was launched in two versions a bonnet version, and with a cab over the engine. By 1951, more than 78 thousand trucks of this series were produced. Since 1938, all Mack production has been subordinated to the concept of "balanced design" the development and production of all major parts and components of trucks in their own factories, which allowed to achieve a perfect fit of all components.

Mack was the first manufacturer to install brakes on all four wheels of heavy trucks. This contributed to the reduction of the braking distance of the loaded train, which immediately had a positive effect on the level of road safety.

During World War II, Mack was the primary supplier of the US Army. More than 30,000 units of trucks are sent to the front to transport personnel, as well as evacuators and ambulances. In 1936, Mack licensed the Reo Truck Company to manufacture Mack Junior vehicles. The cars are assembled according to the drawings of the Mack campaign and are sold only through the Mack dealer network. The Reo Truck Company successfully produces five thousand Junior trucks.


1938 to 1944, about three thousand light trucks "Mack" of the "ED" series were produced for the needs of small entrepreneurs.


1936 to 1972 "Mack" mastered the production of quarry and mining vehicles with a carrying capacity of 15-100 tons. In 1926 the Mack AP ore carrier with exceptional maneuverability was produced. Until 1938, 285 trucks of this model were produced.


1943 to 1964 The company launches a new powerful quarry dump truck the Mack LR. At the same time, L-series trucks are produced in various modifications, famous for their high cross-country ability. Trucks are successfully used as a builderindustry, and for long-distance cargo transportation in the modification with a sleeping compartment. A distinctive feature of the Mack LR series is a stylish design with an abundance of steel and chrome, a unique radiator grill, excellent optics and vertical exhaust pipes installed on the sides of the cab. In total, "Mac" sells about 35 thousand units of this series, bought mainly by entrepreneurs from the West Coast of the United States, where the terrain and roads left much to be desired. 1950 The Mack range is expanded with B, H and G series trucks.


The Mack B series gains the greatest popularity among buyers. These trucks are successfully used for both intercity and intracity transportation. The Mack company sells about 130 thousand trucks of this series. Series H "basin" is produced with a very high and short cab. The release of a truck with this cab configuration is dictated by the need to comply with regulatory restrictions on the length of the road train in some states. With a permitted maximum road train length of 45 feet (13.7 m), a truck with such a cab could already pull a ten-meter trailer with it. Also in 1950, the designers of the Mack company develop the first diesel engine with direct injection and a cooling system.

1966 The company launches a new and improved R-series truck based on the Mack B model, which is used primarily as a dump truck and ore carrier, as well as a high-speed mainline truck of the Mack RW series. At the same time, the Maxidyne diesel engine was produced with a five-speed Maxitorque transmission, a prototype of a modern automatic transmission. 1969 all long-haul tractors are equipped with a patented cab mounting system on vibration absorbers air cylinders, developed by Mack engineers. 1970 Mack headquarters are established in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Years 1975-1983 production of specialized trucks of the MC MR series for the orders of utilities and emergency services.


1977 to 1993, the "Super-Liner" bonnet truck was produced, designed for the transportation of heavy loads over long distances.


Since 1979, the Mack Trucks company ceases to be a closed joint stock company and lists part of its shares for trading on the world's largest stock exchanges. The European concern Renault acquires ten percent of Mack's shares, in 1982 it increases the share of assets to twenty percent, in 1979 to forty percent. 1988 the main truck tractor of the CH series is produced. Since 1990, Mack Trucks has been wholly owned by Renault V. I., part of the Renault Group. At this time, the new Mack E7 series with twelve-liter diesel engines was released, which is represented by modifications with sixteen different Mack engines ranging from 250 to 454 horsepower. The series is the best in its class in terms of power-to-weight ratio. 1994 Mack introduces the new LE recovery truck and the Vision long-haul truck. In 2000, AB Volvo and Renault signed an agreement on partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation, according to which 90% of the shares of Renault's cargo division Renault V. I./Mack were transferred to Volvo. (Renault received 15% of AB Volvo under this agreement). Since June 2001, Mack has been producing the multipurpose, versatile Granite and Freedom series. The priority direction of the company's activity is the production of heavy trucks for mining & construction.

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