HELI / CHL Forklift Service Manual. Part catalog

CHL Forklift Service Manual. Part catalog

CHL Forklift 2-3.5t Operation Service Manual Download

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HELI Forklift Service Manual. Part catalog

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Notes on the operating instructions

This ORIGINAL OPERATING MANUAL is intended to provide sufficient guidance for the safe operation of the industrial truck. The information is presented in a brief visual form. The chapters are sequential and labeled with alphabetical letters and the pages are numbered continuously. These operating instructions describe the different truck models. When operating and performing maintenance work, be sure to use the description appropriate for the truck type. Our machines are constantly being upgraded. We reserve the right to make changes in design, equipment and technical characteristics of the system. For this reason, the contents of these operating instructions cannot be used as a basis for making claims regarding certain characteristics of the device.







Forklift CHL (Heli) CPCD25-XC5C

Since 2014 Heli has launched a new low-cost line of CHL-branded forklifts, which are in line with Heli's core principles - the production of reliable, high-quality, productive machines (analogous to the Heli K-series forklifts).


CHL forklifts are designed to perform a wide range of loading and unloading operations with various types of cargo.


Specifications of CPCD25-XC5C Diesel Truck


Lifting capacity at a center of gravity 500 mm kg - 2500


Maximum lifting height mm - 4500 (the loader can be equipped with a mast with a height of 3000 to 6000 m)


Mast type FFT


Forks, length mm - 1220


Tire type superelastic


XIN CHNAG engine (China)


Rated power of the engine kW / rev-1 - 36.8 / 2650


Bias Carriage - Included


Combination lights, headlights, rearview mirrors, tool kit


Forklift trucks

Any production or warehouse requires specialized equipment. Most often in these cases, forklifts are used. They greatly simplify the process of loading and moving cargo for any purpose. One of the best companies in the world for the production of loading equipment - Heli. Today, this Chinese manufacturer (one of the ten strongest companies in the world) is confidently increasing its rating of the world's best manufacturers of specialized equipment.


Electric forklift trucks

HELI electric forklift trucks have been developed taking into account global trends in the production of such equipment. The battery voltage of such trucks is 48 V, and the capacity is 500 A / h, due to which the electric trucks can work continuously for 8 hours. A twin rear wheel, a powerful twin-engine drive, and an Italian-made engine make up the 3-base model.


In accordance with the latest trends in the field of technology, a special controller is used in the control circuit, and a logic system and a power source are built in a sealed case, which not only reliably protects such a device from water, dust and acid, and also reduces current losses, but also improves efficiency.


The lineup

Heli manufactures a wide range of special equipment of any complexity with a carrying capacity from 1 to 48 tons. These are forklifts, electric stackers, electric pallet trucks, tractors, reach trucks, reachstackers, wheel loaders, etc. Heli loaders and other types of Heli loading equipment are constantly being improved and the range of loaders and other equipment is expanding.



Heli sets a fairly high standard for the quality of technology combined with a favorable cost. Based on many years of experience in sales, we believe that this technique has the perfect combination of price and quality. More than 1000 enterprises in Ukraine have already appreciated this. Heli is China's largest (state-owned) material handling equipment manufacturer. The PRC government cares about the high image of its company, whose products are presented in all corners of the world.

Heli manufactures:

- forklifts with internal combustion engines with a carrying capacity from 1 to 46 tons

- electric forklifts with lifting capacity from 1 to 7 tons

- electric carts and stackers with a lifting capacity from 1 to 2.5 tons

- container cranes

- platform carts

- special equipment: container handlers, side-loading loaders, platform carts, loading platforms, tractors

- frontal bucket loaders

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